The festival of Diwali may have ended and we are sure some of you are already missing the festive fun, delicious food items and of course the sweets. While the traditional Diwali Faral may still be remaining in some households, the sweets are definitely devoured. But someone's idea of eating a Kaju Katli has digusted netizens. A picture of everyone's (almost) favourite Kaju Katli dipped in a ketchup has made its way on social media. What? Who eats that? That is so unfair to this sweet! Are you too feeling the same? Well, that's exactly what people on social media are saying too. No one can digest the idea of relishing on this sweet with a ketchup. The picture is going viral and netizens are far from impressed. Pineapple in Paneer Makhani? Woman's Tweet About Food Served In Shatabdi Makes Us Think of Some Weirdest Food Combos!

Kaju Katli is a mithai made with crushed paste of cashew and coated with edible silver foil. It is commonly given as a gift during Diwali celebrations or even offered as a prasad during the festive puja. Kaju Katli lovers can gorge on to this sweet as much as they want at a time. But who would eat Kaju Katli with some ketchup on? Well, someone in this world does have that weird food combination which has disgusted a lot of others. A picture of a Kaju Katli with ketchup on it was shared on Twitter by one of the users and it has left some people in shock. Soan Papdi vs Kaju Katli: Internet Battle Over ‘The Better Sweet’ for Diwali Continues, Check Funny Tweets and Memes.

Check Picture of Kaju Katli With Ketchup:

Twitterati was shook with the idea of relishing Kaju Katli with ketchup. A mix of funny and disgusted reactions soon followed up.

Offensive Content!

How to Unsee?

That Person is a Monster

This is Blasphemous!

Its a Psychopath!

Perfect GIF

Where is The Sharam?

The Person Really Hates Life?

A lot of people also said that the user must reconsider the friends on her Instagram. This picture may have got over a 1000 likes but the feelings are of pure disgust. Would you even dare to try out this combo ever? The person has ruined Kaju Katli for some! There are some weird food combinations that some people do enjoy but this is just too far. Don't you agree?

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