Food Trends of 2018: From 24-K Gold Plating to Dog-Shaped Ice-Creams, These are Some Unique Food Dishes Seen This Year
Food trends of 2018 (Photo credits: Instagram)

As the calendar year slowly comes to an end, it is a good time to look back at the various trends that made it to the headlines. The food space has been expanding like never before. Newer dishes, cuisines and combinations are being rolled out, popularised, liked or disliked. And in the age of social media, it has almost become compulsive to click a picture of whatever you eat and show it off to your followers. Some stuff has enough potential to go viral and thus get moulded into a trend altogether. The food trends too, keep on changing year after year and people have something on their plate, never seen or heard before. Let us look at top food trends of 2018. Weirdest Food Trends of 2017: See Pics of Unicorn Spaghetti, Noodle Burger & Other Crazy Food Items. 

Gold Plated Food: 


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Having your food items covered in glitter and shine was a new fad seen for 2 years. To add more shine and value to your foodstuff, someone gave a gold plating! Who would have thought a precious metal would make it in your edibles? Well, 24-karat gold plated food was made available, needless to say at an exorbitant amount. 24 Karat gold chicken wings debuted at New York City's The Ainsworth food chain. 23-karat chocolate was also exhibited at the International Chocolate Festival in Portugal. Food sure got more valuable this year.

Avocado as Superfood:


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Avocado on toast emerged on the internet and since then the healthy fruit had only more options waiting to be served. Avocado continued as a superfood for 2018 as well with several other dishes made with it. Avocado burger buns, rolls, smoothie bowls to even cheesecakes saw the superfood as an ingredient. The trend sure did not stop this year. Avocado Toast Chocolate Bar Has Gone Viral but It Is the Funny Reactions on Twitter That Will Make Your Day! 

Dog-shaped ice-creams:


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Unique things always work wonders and that's exactly what happened with these dog-shaped ice-creams made in Taiwan. A video of scooping these ice-creams went viral on the internet and it only favoured the makers. Available in shapes of different dogs, the ice-creams had a growing demand. They were too realistic to be ignored, after all.

Activated Charcoal-based food:


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Ice-creams, lattes, burgers or cocktails all underwent the wave of charcoal food trend this year. As against the sparkling and glittery food items, charcoal gave you your favourite food-items all black! Activated charcoal prepared using burnt coconut shells, wood, and plant materials were mixed to create all dark food items. Visually appealing at first, the trend was tried on ice-creams, burger buns and even waffles. Not sure how many enjoyed the taste thoroughly, but the food trend was sure Instagram-worthy, adding darkness to colourful feeds. Not #FoodPorn But #FoodJenga is The New Trend Among Instagram Food Bloggers. 

Brocolli coffee: 


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Coffee lovers would not exactly be pleased with this version of a healthy coffee, which was seen this year. Broccoli lattes made with dried veggie powder was seen in Australia. A high on vitamins C, K, A and B6, and other nutrients, broccoli coffee was not something that was expected to roll out this year.

This year has seen a wide array of foodstuff being modified and experimented in food trends. While we also saw dog-shaped ice-creams, there were also several photos with black scoops of them. Glitter was left behind by gold and latte art saw a healthy green brew taking over. There would be several other food trends that we might have missed out on, but these were some we could not ignore. Do let us know if you thought of any other food trends of 2018 that were equally important.