Avocado Toast Chocolate Bar Has Gone Viral but It Is the Funny Reactions on Twitter That Will Make Your Day!
Avocado toast chocolate is a real thing and it has gone viral! (Photo Credit: Screenshots from Instagram/ compartes)

Avocados have recently become one of the most popular superfoods. And avocado on toast? They are a rage, a perfect breakfast meal. All of us love it! Don't we? But how does the combination of avocado toast with chocolate sound to you? Mixed feelings? Whether you like it or not, let us break it to you, chocolate made to taste like avocado toast is a real thing. Real avocado toast pieces, as well as plain avocados, are added to mix of white chocolates to create this bar of avocado toast chocolate.

All this started when a video showing the making of avocado toast chocolate went viral. While many were open to trying the new flavour, some simply couldn't come in terms with this unusual combination. However, these chocolate bars were reportedly very popular last year but it's only now that it has become popular almost globally.

The video shows how the chocolate is made into a bar of Avocado Toast Chocolate Bar. You can see in the video when they add real avocado toast pieces to the mix and then some mashed avocados.

Take Look at the Video:

While people here in India can only imagine the taste of it, the chocolate is being loved by the people who tried it. Don't know about you but some people on Twitter didn't even like the sound of this combination.

Take a Look at a Few Funny Reactions:

However, keeping all this aside, Avocados per se are extremely high on nutrition. Loaded with various healthy vitamins like C, B, K, E, etc. this superfood is also rich in minerals. Avocados are packed in magnesium, folate, pantothenic acid, lutein, potassium, beta-carotene. It is also a great source of good fats, omega-3 fatty acids, amazing antioxidants. Plus avocados have amazing effects on your skin and hair too as it has anti-ageing effects as well. So don't forget to have your daily does. Let us know if you would ever want to try this new chocolate!