National Curry Week 2018: Know Everything About Celebrations of the Popular Indian Dish in the UK
Curry Week 2018 (Photo credits: Twitter)

Indian food has such a wide variety of dishes! And the love for Indian food has long ago crossed the borders. In the UK, every year there is a week-long celebration for Indian food speciality- the curry! A National Curry Week takes place in October every year and it has been going on since decades. National Curry Week 2018 is being celebrated from October 22- October 28. In fact, the very first celebrations of this week go back to 1998. A combination of spice, herbs along with pulses or vegetables, a curry is a delectable creation from the Indian subcontinent. Let us tell you in detail about the National Curry Week that is celebrated every year.

What is National Curry Week?

Curry is such a spicy and yummy dish from India that it is equally relished in the UK. And the weeklong celebration just celebrates the existence of curries? Isn't that amazing? Well, Britishers have fallen in love with our creation of curries. And while Indians are regular with the term, it is a loved dish in the UK. The people celebrate all things curry-related during the week and some of the proceeds also go to the charity.

When Did National Curry Week Start?

The very first celebration of the National Curry Week started in October 1998 by Peter Grove. So this year, it is the 20th year of the celebrations. Grove's vision of conducting the celebrations was to create awareness and appreciation for the Indian restaurant industry in the UK. In the process of these celebrations, they also gathered funds to donate to charity, helping the poor and hungry.

How is National Curry Week Celebrated?

The celebrations of the National Curry Week are all about enjoying the dish that is so popular and loved. So people hold a curry night, where they all gather and either cook or order in a curry. There are a lot of Indian restaurants abroad which have curry preparations. Several restaurants organise buffets which have different styles of curries being cooked.

India alone is a place where we have one dish cooked in so many different ways. With curry, the preparations are even more varied ranging from Northern India to South. But it is interesting to note, nonetheless, how the dish has week-long celebrations of its own.