Nothing divides us as much as food. From the battles on whether pineapples belong in pizzas to the ketchup-lover vs ketchup-hater squads, there are more than enough examples of food that will create arguments. But if there is one food that unites us all, it has to be french fries. Whether you enjoy the classic salted, the more recently found flavours of peri-peri or even cheesy fries (that remind us of poutines), french fries have a way of making all of us instantly happy. This is the reason that the beloved delicacy is celebrated by people on July 13, which is commemorated as National French Fries Day in the United States. However, considering the world-wide love for this classic snack, it is celebrated across the world by one and all. National French Fries Day 2020 is a rather significant observance that is celebrated with happiness across the globe. National French Fries Day (US) 2020: From Garlic Baked Fries to Parmesan Potato Wedges, Here Are Five Different Recipes of Finger Chips (Watch Videos).

When is National French Fries Day 2020?

National French Fries Day is celebrated on July 13 every year. The celebration began in the United States to recognise and appreciate this simple yet genius delicacy that satiates our soul any time of the day. Simple And Quick Step-by-Step Recipe to Make Crunchy Fries at Home.

Significance of National French Fries Day

French fries are known to people across the world by different names. But it is loved the same by everyone. National French Fries Day celebrations often involve indulging in our favourite kind of french fries, from the classic salted potato fries or their recently kindled healthier option of sweet potatoes fries. The celebration of National French Fries Day 2020 is especially important as it is an easy way to let out some steam, indulge in some good food and celebrate the joy that it brings us together. Crunchy Facts About These Deep Fried Potato Chips That Will Make You Want to Bite Into One RN!

This is especially the need of the hour. While there is no information on the history of this celebration, if one thing is clear, it is that National French Fries Day 2020 is bound to be an eventful celebration. So stock up on your favourite kind and have a Happy National French Fries Day 2020!

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