The way you brew your coffee has a lot to do with its taste. For coffee lovers, the perfect blend can make their day. There are so many varieties of making coffee and each has its unique method. One among these is the Turkish coffee, a method of brewing very finely ground coffee, resulting in a thicker and stronger concoction. And the speciality of this technique is it is brewed in the sand by heating on an open flame. ‘Cannabis Coffee’ to Be Introduced in a UK Cafe, May Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety. 

Although the ways of brewing evolved over time, traditionally a Turkish coffee cup was brewed in a pan that is filled with sand and heated. The sand becomes hot and acts as a heating agent. The cups are kept within the sand and the heat is adjusted by maintaining the depths of the coffee cups in the sand. The coffee is finely ground and water is added later. As the heat rises, the coffee gets a foam. This coffee is prepared in a special pot which is known as cezve. It is served also in a special cup made of porcelain. Is It Healthy to Drink Coffee? Know Some Facts About Our Favourite Beverage.

Watch Video of How Turkish Coffee is Prepared in Sand

The speciality of this coffee is the coffee bean grounds that are left within. Special kind usually the Arabica beans are used and it is roasted twice. And there is also a belief that these grounds will be used in fortune-telling. The patterns formed by these coffee grounds when they are inverted are used to predict some kind of fortune telling.

This special brew holds a special importance even in Turkish wedding traditions. During the meeting between the parents between the partners, the bride-to-be must prepare and serve Turkish coffee. Did you know about this special brewing of coffee? Doesn't it sound interesting?

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