Are Your Clothes Giving You Acne? 5 Ways They Are Making You Break Out
Acne (Photo Credits: Pexels)

While the myriad of ways of dealing with acne has been well documented, what triggers those zits that crawl on your shoulders, neck and other body parts, is less talked about. So people who often get facial acne, also tend to suffer from acne on the rest of the body, it seems like this is one skin issue that deserves a little more air time. But of all the things, your clothes may turn out to be the major culprit of those zits. Here’s how.

1. You Wear Your Bra Straps Too Tight

How many times did you end up breaking your bra strap in the quest of making them tighter and tighter? Wear the right size of the bra so you do not have to pull or stretch them to hold your twins. A tight bra strap is not only uncomfortable but all the friction and rubbing can lead to acne on your shoulders. So, please do yourself a favour and loosen those babies a bit. Cell Phone Giving You Acne? 5 Unexpectedly Germy Everyday Objects That Are Damaging Your Skin

2. You Swear By Clingy Fabrics

Wearing spandex or other body-hugging fabrics that are too clingy, can lead to acne. So ditch those tight pants for comfortable palazzo and that body-hugging shape-wear or a corset for a comfortable top. Bacne: How to Get Rid Of Back Acne Once And For All – 6 Important Skincare Tips

3. You Do Not Wash Your Clothes

How many times in a week do you launder your clothes? Not washing your clothes often can trap oils, dirt and grime, and wearing that stickiness around especially on your lady parts, back and shoulders can cause breakouts. So clean those sports bras, tops and jeans more often than regularly. Home remedies for Acne: 10 Natural Ingredients Than Can Cure Pimples For Good

4. You Wear the Wrong Workout Gear

All the sweat and friction from your gym clothes can block your sweat glands. The result? Acne on your chest and back. Try to avoid polyester and other man-made fabrics, as they do not allow your skin to breathe. This makes you sweat even more. More sweat, more oil. Mix in the dead skin and you’re in for a serious bacteria infestation. To avoid the pesky spots, wear breathable, quick-drying fabrics with a looser fit. Also, sprinkle a bit of body powder before you put on your exercise gear to help reduce friction, and take a shower right after you work out. Swiping a salicylic acid toner on your chest and back can help prevent those zits.

5. Your Winter Layers Are Irritating Your Skin

Is your winter wear driving you nuts? Don’t wear it. The fabric is probably too rough on your skin. You’re going to be scratching it. Besides, you would be spreading the bacteria and would be aggravating your acne. Your acne will take longer to heal and will likely leave a scar if you scratch with your fingers.

Also, wash your sheets regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria. You surely do not want to rest on a layer of acne-causing parasites.