Autistic Pride Day 2019: Everything About the Day That Celebrates Autistics
Autistic Pride Symbol (Photo Credits: Wikicommons/file photos)

Autistic Pride Day is celebrated on June 18, every year to celebrate people with autism. After taking inspiration from the LGBTQ+ community, the first world Autistic Day was celebrated in 2005 by Aspies for Freedom, a solidarity and campaigning group that focuses and works to raise public awareness about autism and autistic rights. The aim is to educate people that the autism spectrum is not always a disability. Like everything else, they have their own advantage and disadvantage.

The World Autistic Pride Day is celebrated by the autistic community and is still led by them. The symbol for Autistic Pride Day is an infinity within a rainbow, which represent the diversity in the autistic community and the infinite variations and possibilities within the autistic community.

People Celebrating on Twitter

Aspies of Freedom or the AFF was started in 2004 to connect with autistic people online and offline. It began as a response to negative treatments and torture for autism around the world. The first Autism Pride Day was celebrated in 2005 with the theme Acceptance not cure. The event was held in Brazil. World Autism Awareness Day 2019: Theme, Significance of the Day Dedicated to the Spectrum Disorder

What is autism? And more about it

Wikipedia defines autism as “Autism is a developmental disorder characterised by difficulties with social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behaviour. Autism is a highly variable neurodevelopmental disorder that first appears during infancy or childhood, and generally follows a steady course without remission.

People with autism may be severely impaired in some respects but normal, or even superior, in others.” Autism restricts a person’s mental growth and makes it difficult for them to cope with their peers. Autism does not mean the person constantly needs help. Signs of autism can be seen in a child as early as at the age of 3.

However, it can be difficult to understand. Many autistic children complete their tasks independently, without any help. World Autism Awareness Day 2019: Link Between Vaccine and Autism – Is There Any Truth to the Anti-Vaxxer Theory?

Can it be cured?

Scientists have not yet figured out what causes it hence there is no prevention and cure to it, yet. Although, it is believed that it may occur if the mother is exposed to certain harmful chemicals the time she's carrying. The best thing to do is accept and try to take things slow with them. They don’t need your help, they need your understanding.