Can You Get STIs From Precum? 7 Facts About Pre-Ejaculate Every Woman Must Know!
ejaculating (Photo Credits: Needpix)

Pre-ejaculate may not be the real deal, but it is has an important role to play when it comes to sex. The pre-ejaculate has the same properties as the actual sperm-containing ejaculate, so if you are betting on the withdrawal method for family planning, stop it now. But beyond, getting pregnant and giving you STIs, the pre-ejaculate will make you marvel about how amazing the human body is. Read on for the facts about pre-ejaculate you need to know!

1. It Can Cause STIS

Pre-ejaculate can give you sexually transmitted infections. Yes, you heard that right. The risks may be low, but you can still contract STIs from pre-ejaculate. So, always make sure that your partner is wearing a condom before contact with your vagina. Sex without Protection: Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?

2. It Can Get You Pregnant

You might think that pre-ejaculate contains less sperm but there are still some that can get you pregnant. But what makes this risky is that men do not have control over pre-ejaculate as much as they do over ejaculate with orgasm. High Amount of Semen Ejaculation Means Better Fertility? Here's the Ideal Sperm Count for Increased Chances of Pregnancy

3. It Comes From a Different Gland

While the actual ejaculate comes from the testicles, the pre-ejaculate comes from the Cowper's gland secretions. When a man is around, the Cowper's gland produces pre-ejaculate which then flows out of the urethra. As the sperm does not originate in the Cowper's gland, it is suspected that the sperm leaks in the pre-ejaculate.

4. It Is Made Of the Same Content as Ejaculate

Even though the ejaculate and the pre-ejaculate originate from two different glands, they are made of the same content. Both the fluids flow through the urethra and have the same composition. The clear, sticky fluid is made of prostatic secretions, aka fluid from the prostate.

5. It Can Clean Out the Urethra

The pre-ejaculate can neutralise any acid in the urethra and clear it out. An acidic environment can debilitate the sperm and make it harder to get pregnant. Male Fertility: 7 Unhealthy Habits That Can Lower Your Sperm Count

6. Pre-Ejaculate Acts as a Natural Lubricant

The pre-ejaculate can actually lubricate your vagina. Surprised? But no matter how much you are tempted to ditch the lube, remember that it can get you pregnant.

7. Pre-Ejaculate Isn't Just For Men

Just like the Cowper's glands in men, women have something known as the Bartholin's glands. They secrete moisture and are placed right in the entryway of the vagina. These glands can also create lubrication to help penetrative sex.

The sperm could also be hanging out in your partner's urethra from a prior ejaculation which increases the risk of you getting pregnant? If you are not planning a baby, do not forego the condom.