Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and Demi Lovato Promote Teami Detox Tea For Weight Loss On Instagram: Is Detoxing Healthy?
Cardi B, Kylie Jenner and Demi Lovato (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Celebrities are known to gain and drop their body weight as if it is magic. When you are in the business of looking good, stars have no other option but to be in ship shape all the time. But the techniques they use to get the perfect body may be questionable. Recently, celebs like Cardi B were seen on Instagram promoting a detox tea Teami known as a weight loss holy grail by the rich and the famous. How to detoxify water with these kitchen ingredients

Cardi B, the 25-year-old rapper who shot to fame with Instagram was seen sipping on the tea to beat her post-pregnancy weight. She posted a video recently saying that she's too lazy to hit the gym and that she can't move her legs. She tells her 30 million + fans that she'll be drinking Teami to snap back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

Here's what Cardi has to say about Teami:

Teami has been selling herbal blends claiming that they help drinkers beat the bloat, lose weight and increase energy. According to the company website, Teami has caffeine-free blends, which doesn't affect breast milk.

But she's not the only one who's been promoting the herbal tea; Kylie Jenner, Demi Lovato and Sarah Palin have all been seen posing with infusers of Teami. But health experts aren't very impressed. But far from being healthy, some health experts contend that the tea may contain laxatives with dangerous side effects.

Here's Kylie's post where she raved about the bloat-busting properties of the tea:

What is Detox?

Detox diets and drinks are said to facilitate toxin elimination and weight loss by promoting health. A variety of detoxing techniques such as steaming, juicing, dry brushing and the likes have been gaining popularity in the recent years.

But these call claims don't have a grain of scientific in it. Health experts believe that the term detox is a naturopathic notion which rests on a fallacy that our bodies cannot remove "toxins" on their own. In medical terms, there is no such thing as detoxing, and experts believe that is a scaremongering concept peddled by certain naturopaths and holistic experts who claim that toxin build-up in the system causes all illnesses.

Dieticians and nutritionists have been warning people against falling for products that promise weight loss through detox since they may be laced with laxatives. In the past, there have been instances where people have been taken ill after drinking detox teas. Some of the ingredients used in these products are not regulated. Ingredients like ginseng, cinnamon, clove and ginger and  may sound very promising and healthy, but they essentially work by irritating the lining of the intestines for a laxative-life effect. A case of liver failure caused by such detox teas has also been reported due to the hepatotoxic effects of the herbs used in the tea.

Adena Neglia a dietician from New York City spoke to Daily Mail saying that the human body is capable of detoxing itself. You could set yourself up for more health problems since these teas can create dependency, making it difficult to pass a bowel movement without them.