Happy Birthday Narendra Modi: 5 Lessons in Diet and Fitness From The Prime Minister of India
Fitness inspiration from PM Narendra Modi on his birthday (Photo Credits: File Photo)

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi celebrates his 68th birthday on September 17, 2018. Born in the year 1950, the PM has what is perhaps the most high-stress job in the country. To helm a nation with a diverse population of over 132 million isn't an easy task. One has to be at one's fittest best, both mentally and physically. And it's a known fact that PM Modi doesn't take his health very lightly. He is quite particular about his diet, fitness and overall lifestyle. On his birthday, let's look at some wellness lessons from the PM's life.

1 Quality Sleep

In a 2011 interview, the PM confessed to sleeping only for five-six hours a day, which may not be sufficient by most people’s standards. There is no consensus on the correct amount of sleep we need every day. It’s important that you get a sound, uninterrupted sleep, which the PM Modi says he does. “…it is a very sound sleep. I go to bed, and within 30 seconds I fall asleep," he says in an interview. Did you know the health benefits of a good nap?

2 Yoga

No other leader in the country has promoted Yoga as much as PM Modi has, probably due to his own faith in it. On numerous occasions, the PM has spoken about his enthusiasm for yoga, and he leads by example. On International Yoga Day every year, the PM performs yogasanas for the entire nation. An active enthusiast, he is known to start the day with asanas, Surya namaskars and pranayama. He once called it a “unifying force” that “not only heals societies and nations but also brings them together.”

3 Simple Vegetarian Diet

The PM’s favourite meal is a simple khichdi, a rice and lentil mash often served with ghee. It’s an easy-to-digest, nutritious food known to pack most macro and micronutrients. According to celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor who has cooked for him, the PM is not a fussy eater and prefers food that is “unpretentious.” A strict vegetarian, he sips on lemonade throughout the day, which helps detox the body. Did you know the benefits of a vegetarian diet?

4 Meditation

When you hold the biggest office in the world’s largest democracy, it’s important that you keep a calm head. PM Modi revealed that he meditates as part of his everyday routine in a video he posted in response to Virat Kohli’s #FitnessChallenge. In the 1: 49-minute clip, he’s seen sitting in the cross-legged meditative pose. The benefits of dhyana or meditation are many. It helps take some of the edge off the daily stress we feel every day.

5 Walking on Panchatatvas (Five Elements)

PM Modi follows a unique ancient fitness routine where he walks on the Panchatatvas or five elements – Prithvi (earth), Jal (water), Agni (fire), Vayu (air) and Aakash (sky or space). Every morning, he treads on a track inspired by these five elements by walking on grass, water and pebbles. In his Twitter post, he says that the routine is refreshing and rejuvenating.

There is so much to learn from the Prime Minister when it comes to health and fitness. We often attribute bad lifestyle choices to stress and lack of time. But if the person holding the most important office in the country can make time for wellness, so can we. Here’s wishing Prime Minister Narendra Modi health and happiness on his 68th birthday!