Home Remedy Of The Week: Ginger For Chest Congestion, How This Spice Can Eliminate Excessive Mucus From Lungs (Watch Videos)
Ginger For Congestion (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Chest congestion is often caused due to excessive formation of mucus, which is also known as phlegm. Some mucus is required by the body to defend against foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses, however, too much of it can be caused due to infections such as common cold or flu or bronchitis. To clear phlegm effectively, doctors prescribe medications to clear the nasal passages. If the congestion is not too severe, it is recommended you use a natural home remedy to eliminate the excess mucus from the lungs before you try out allopathic medicines. Ginger is one best spice that will help to decongest your chest. Home Remedy of the Week: Cure Nausea and Vomiting During Pregnancy with Ginger.

Ginger can be used as a natural decongestant and antihistamine. Ginger provides a soothing effect and quickly clears of your chest with mucus. A tea made from the rhizome may also help bronchitis symptoms, as ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory. Ginger wrap remedy is also one best remedies to treat congested chest in small children.

How Ginger Helps to Reduce Congestion

Ginger possesses antiviral and antibacterial properties that can help in easing congestion in the chest by drying out excess mucus and stimulating the removal of its buildup. Ginger tea can be consumed to decongest your chest and it is also good for digestion, nausea, pain reduction and inflammation.

Ginger Wrap For Chest Congestion 

Ginger Tea For Congestion 

Ginger is indeed a good herbal remedy for congestion. It is also necessary to keep the air around you moist and clear, drink plenty of fluids to keep the mucus under control. If the congestion is too severe, then seek medical help at the earliest.