We do not need to tell you that the kidneys are one of the most vital organs of our bodies and keeping them in the best health is of utmost importance. And while you may think that you are doing all it takes to keep your system healthy, a lot of factors such as unhealthy foods, stress, pollutants in the environment and cosmetics can accumulate in the body and stress out the kidneys. Sometimes stress and dietary choices can overburden the excretory system and lead to kidney stones, renal failure and blood in the urine. Thankfully, these Ayurvedic herbs can not only strengthen the renal system but also treat these problems.


Now, this might sound like news to you, but Chandan or sandalwood can not only help keep your body cool but also fight microbes. Chandan sherbet can be an excellent remedy to treat UTIs. The anti-microbial properties in sandalwood also soothe kidney stones. Clinical Trial of Ayurvedic Medicine Starts on COVID-19 Patients in Kerala.


You know about the many benefits of ginger but do you also know that it is excellent for your kidneys? Ginger can help remove the toxins from your kidneys and liver. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing swelling and pain in the organs caused by infections. Ayurveda and Diabetes: Ayurvedic Herbs to Effectively Balance Blood Sugar Levels.


Turmeric is indeed a wonder herb. Common kidney issues like urine volume and renal failure can be treated with turmeric. Plus, turmeric also reduces the risk of infections and swelling, preventing kidney stone formation and healing kidney cysts. How to Use the Ayurvedic Herb Giloy or Heart-Leaved Moonseed to Boost Immunity and Relieve COVID-19 Symptoms.


Triphala, which is a combination of three rejuvenating herbs, can help improve the functioning of the kidneys. It also strengthens the liver, which is another essential organ in the excretory mechanism of the body.

Did you know that coriander is an excellent remedy to heal infections in the bladder and the ureters? It is also a natural diuretic and keeps the kidneys healthy.

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