Eating disorders are complex conditions that can be difficult to address. There is a common misconception that illnesses only affect skinny, young women. However, a lot of men also suffer from an eating disorder. While some symptoms may be visible to the naked eye, many others are hidden in plain sight. Often the signs of an eating disorder are subtle. Here are a few tell-tale signs that someone you love might be dealing with the condition. Read on till the end!

1. Talking About Dieting Constantly

Although a lot of us are passionate about healthy diet, if it becomes an obsession, it is a different story. If someone is yo-yoing with their dieting habits, you must raise your eyebrows. People with Eating Disorders More Prone to Exercise Addiction: Study

2. Cutting Out Entire Food Groups

It is okay to eliminate certain foods from the diet, mostly if the doctor has prescribed to do so. But if there is no apparent health or religious reason behind the change, it might be a cause for concern. Eating Disorders Linked to Long-Term Depression Risk For Mothers: Study.

3. Change in Behaviours Surrounding Food

Changes in behaviours surrounding food can be a sign of concern. Over exercising or excessively counting calories, fasting or binge eating are all signs of an eating disorder. All these changes in diet could also come with noticeable weight fluctuation. Mood changes associated with eating could also be a red flag.

4. Taking Laxatives Often

If someone is living with an eating disorder, they might overuse laxatives or diuretics. They take laxatives to get rid of the food consumed during a binge episode. Question if you feel your loved one is overdosing on diet pills. Individual's Sexual Orientation Associated with Eating Disorders: Study.

5. A Change in Physical Appearance

Eating disorders can have physical effects such as weight changes, brittle nail, tooth erosion, skin rashes and hair thinning. A person living suffering from an eating disorder might also bruise and get cold quickly.

If you feel that your loved one is exhibiting these signs, address what is going on. It is never too early or too late to seek professional care. Remember that recovery happens every day.

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