Isha Ambani Piramal discussed her experience with IVF and conceiving twins through the procedure on a leading lifestyle website. By openly talking about IVF, she hopes to erase the stigma surrounding the fertility treatment. Isha mentioned that it is very important to normalise IVF, citing the physical and mental difficulties involved. Isha highlighted the necessity of normalising IVF, stating that she is quick to admit that her twins were also born through IVF because only by talking about it can we normalise it. She further stated that no one should feel alienated or ashamed because the procedure can be stressful and physically exhausting. Her story mirrors that of her mother, Nita Ambani's. Isha Ambani's mother, Nita Ambani, too, conceived Isha and her brother Akash using IVF. Isha's mother, Nita Ambani, has previously talked about the mental pain she had to go through when she was informed by doctors that she would never be able to conceive. What Is IVF? How Does IVF Work? How Much Does IVF Cost? Frequently Asked Questions About In Vitro Fertilization.

Isha believes that the latest technologies should be used to assist those dealing with fertility difficulties. Many couples who want to conceive struggle with infertility. If there is a remedy in the latest and most advanced technologies, why not use them to have children? Isha Ambani's tribute to the magic of IVF, or in-vitro fertilisation, is an entirely fitting moment for the Reliance heiress, as she is also an IVF baby. Isha stressed that opting for IVF does not have to be hidden but rather consciously normalised in order to spread the information far and wide for individuals suffering from conceiving. On that note, let's look at the various fertility treatments available.

Isha Ambani With Her Twin Babies

IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation

IVF is a kind of artificial reproductive technique that enables people with a variety of fertility challenges to have a child. It involves fertilising an egg with sperm outside the body to create an embryo, which then gets sent to the uterus to develop. During IVF, a patient usually takes medications to encourage the ovaries to produce eggs. After extracting the eggs with an ultrasonic device and a thin needle, the health professional either incubates the sperm with the egg or injects the sperm into the egg in a lab to fertilise it. The precise type of IVF procedure that a patient receives is decided on a case-by-case basis with a healthcare professional.

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine insemination, or IUI, is another type of fertility treatment. An intrauterine insemination (IUI) pregnancy occurs when a fertility doctor inserts sperms into the uterus. This treatment is typically done when a couple is unable to conceive on their own. In this process, the sperm is given an initial boost in its journey to fertilise the egg in the fallopian tube. This is done by boosting the mobility of sperm as well as the sperm count. This enhances the likelihood of fertilisation and pregnancy. IUI involves positioning the sperm close to the egg, increasing the likelihood of contact between the two.

Assisted Hatching

Assisted hatching is a technique for inserting embryo implants easily into the uterus. This approach includes creating a small hole in the embryo's outer shell. Before an embryo is able to attach to the lining of the uterus and begin a pregnancy, it must break out of its shell. Sometimes the shell is strong or thick, making it difficult for the embryo to hatch on its own. After embryos have been generated via IVF and grown in the lab for a few days, a specialist uses a tiny laser or chemical to make an opening. This allows the embryo to hatch its shell more quickly and enhances the chances of it attaching to the uterus. This technique is useful for older women and for those who have not had a successful IVF treatment. Kourtney Kardashian Opens Up About Undergoing Five IVF Rounds Before Conceiving Son Rocky Thirteen Barker.

Many couples are unable to conceive due to fertility issues. With many advancements in technology, the possibility of conceiving through different fertility treatments and procedures has become easier than ever. It is important for us to talk openly about these issues and not behind closed doors in order to deal with the issue of infertility in a more mature, humane and understanding way.

(This article is written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.) 

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