Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercising With These 5 Simple & Scientific Tips
Making some changes in lifestyle also helps in weight loss. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

We all want to be slim and fit but our lifestyles hardly allow us to follow strict fitness regimes and stick to rigid work out schedules. Losing weight isn't easy, though we can make small efforts and try to have a fitter body. The two most common ways to lose weight are exercising and dieting. But sometimes our schedule, health issues or other factors can keep us from trying either of the two methods.  Though, weight loss is still possible by some alterations in the daily routine.

Losing weight is important not only for an attractive physical appearance but also for long-term health benefits.  Inculcate these simple habits in your lifestyle and you will able to lose weight over a period of time, without exercising or dieting.

Chew Thoroughly

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It is essential to eat the food right. In a study titled the Association between eating rate and obesity: a systematic review in meta-analysis, in 2015, it was found that those who eat fast are more likely to gain weight than slow eaters. Eating the food properly, chewing it well, and breaking it down helps in better digestion and also controlling hunger and cravings.

Eat More Protein

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Increasing the proportion of proteins in your diet can also help you lose weight. Proteins make you feel fuller, therefore reducing hunger. It also limits calories which help in weight loss. You can increase the intake of protein with making small changes in your diet. For instance, if you have a breakfast of cereals or bread, you can switch to eggs to reduce carbs and increase proteins.

Drink More Water

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Increasing the daily intake of water can help you in eating less and losing weight. Especially drinking water about half an hour before a meal is helpful in reducing hunger. Also, if the body is dehydrated it hoards water, leading to increased body weight. Also eating fruits and vegetables with high water content helps in losing weight.

Sleep Well

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Sleep deprivation can lead to higher stress levels. And it can have an impact on the health and appetite. The body experiences hormonal changes due to lack of proper sleep, which can lead to increased cravings for unhealthy food and increased hunger. In this case, you are bound to consume more calories, which eventually leads to weight gain. So it is essential to take proper amount of sleep and avoid stress.

Drink Green Tea

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Drinking green tea helps boost the body’s metabolism and flush out the body’s toxins. It consequently helps reduce body fat and lose weight.

Though exercising and dieting may not be possible for everyone but one can always take up simple exercises. So if you club these habits with taking regular walks and keeping a check on your sugar intake etc., you will see the weight loss results much sooner.