National Wine Day 2019: Cancer Fighting to Acne Healing, 9 Health Benefits of Guzzling Red Wine
Health benefits of Red wine (Photo Credits: Pexels)

Every year on the 25th of May is celebrated as National Wine Day 2019 in the United States. Be prepared to pour yourself a glass of wine today to not just relish the happy high but also ample amount of health benefits. Depending on the type, different types of wines have their own set of health benefits. While red wine is known to slightly healthier than the white variety of it because of the presence of some vitamins and minerals but white wine is known to contain fewer calories. Made out of fermented grapes and other fruits, the alcoholic beverage if taken in moderation serves a gamut of health benefits. The process of wine-making includes fermentation wherein the yeast consumes the sugars in the grapes converting it into alcohol. Grapes of different kinds produce various kinds of wines and different wines may be combined to create more complex flavours. Red wine is majorly rich in resveratrol that may offer a number of health benefits.

This wine day let's take a look at the health benefits of Red wine:

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Resveratrol present in red wine may help improve heart health in various ways. Researchers suggest that it could reduce the risk of heart disease because of the way it helps the gut microbiome. Red wine may also improve the levels of omega-3 fatty acids in plasma and red blood cells which are believed to protect against heart disease.

Helps Control Type-2 Diabetes

A study shows that drinking a glass of red wine with dinner is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in people with type-2 diabetes. Ethanol present in wine plays a key role in metabolising glucose and hence may be safe for people with Type-2 diabetes.

Controls Blood Pressure

Researchers from the United Kingdom (U.K.) found that procyanidins, a compound found in red wine may help keep the blood vessels healthy while controlling blood pressure.

Prevents Colon Cancer

Did you know red wine is known to help prevent colon cancer? UK Scientists presented in 2015 reports that consuming resveratrol may reduce the size of bowel tumours by approximately 50 percent.

Prevents Breast Cancer

Red wine has been known to help prevent breast cancer. While Regular consumption of most alcoholic drinks is ironically known to increase the risk of breast cancer, chemicals in the seeds and skins of red grapes if consumed in moderation may actually help prevent breast cancer. women who drink red wine in moderation may be spared this risk.

Protection from Prostate Cancer

A study published in 2007 reported that, in men who drink moderate amounts of red wine, the chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer is around half that of men who never drink red wine. The researchers defined moderate drinking as an average of four to seven glasses of red wine per week.

Prevents Lung Cancer

Red wine if taken in moderation is known to boost lung function and also help prevent lung cancer. It protects the cells from proliferating and prevent lung damage.

Prevents Dementia

Dementia is a growing health issue that most elderly people face. A team of researchers found that a moderate amount of red wine intake can reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Treating Acne

Rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, red wine is known to help treat acne. Sometimes it is suggested that applying red wine directly on skin after mixing it with benzoyl peroxide may maximise antibacterial activity.

While red wine may have ample health benefits, it also has its own share of risks. Having too much wine may also be harmful