Premature Baby Born at 22 Weeks Fights All Odds to Go Home for Christmas!
Baby (Photo Credits: Unsplash/Representative Image)

When Jodie Marrie and her partner Lee Patrick's baby girl was born, doctors told them that she would have no 'quality of life'. Sussie Bea Patrick was born when she was just 22 weeks own in her mother's womb. She weighed just one pound and one ounce and they were told to expect the worst.

But Sussie's parents were not ready to give up and kept her under supervision at the UK hospital. Sussie who was the size of the chocolate at the time of her birth is now ready to go home for Christmas! She was under care at the neonatal unit of Arrowe Park in Birkenhead, Wirral. Premature Baby: How Fathers Play an Important Role in Caring for Both Baby and Mom.

Patrick told Liverpool Echo, "Everything was fine with mum all the way through. It was sepsis – mum contracted it or baby contracted a bug and passed it on to Jodie. When it got to 11.30pm on June 27 I said we're going to the hospital, this isn't right. She was throwing up. Within 15 minutes she was giving birth in the back of the taxi to the hospital. Within about 15 minutes Sussie literally slid out."

The couple were informed that there was hardly any chances of their daughter's survival and would have to big goodbye anytime. Lee said, "We were told it wasn't worth. They said she wouldn’t have a quality of life but we said 'look that's something that we will have to deal with but if she’s fighting we have to fight'. And she’s here now." The baby spent three and a half months in the house and Lee says now she is 'perfect'. A fundraising page has been set up for Sussie's medical expenditure, you can donate by clicking here.