If you have a weekend alone with your partner, you must make the most of it. There's really nothing better than waking up on a Sunday morning and having some raunchy sex. But you do not have to stick to your bedroom to make your weekend a sexy one. Cranking up the sex vibe is all about letting go and breaking out from the routine. With these tips you can have the ultimate steamy weekend. Read till the end.

1. Get Touchy When Asking For Car Keys

When you are asking for their car keys don't just do it in the regular way. Face them hip to hip, put your hands deep into their pockets, look straight into their eyes and pick the keys.

2. Ask Them to Spray Their Favourite Perfume on You

When you dress yourself up for that weekend dinner, ask them to pick their favourite perfume of yours. Then allow them to apply it on your body in places they like to smell. Hot Public Bathroom Sex Tips: How to Have a Great Quickie That Will Leave You Both Satisfied!

3. Rest Your Hands on Their Lap While On a Date

When you are out with your friends or on a dinner date, casually place your hand two inches from their lap. Leave your hands there and watching them drooling over you with their eyes.

4. Answer the Door in a Robe

When they are at your door to pick you up for a date, wear a sexy robe and then get ready. Let their imaginations run wild while they wait for you in the living room. Want to Perform Tirelessly in Bedroom? 5 Tips to Step Up Your Sex Game

5. Tantilise Them During Foreplay

When you come back to your bedroom after that date night and are getting into the act, keep your hands as active as possible. Let your fingers roll down their body, along the creases of their thighs and spine. Not only will your tantilising make them go wild but it will send you both sky-high.

6. Make Them Melt

Take a chunk of chocolate and drop it on their naked body. Leave the chocolate where it lands so that it melts on its own. Then seductively, move it in small circles against their skin. Sex In Hotel Room? From Sex Positions To Safety Tips, Here Are Things That No One Will Tell You

You can also raise the temperature by having some erotic side-by-side sex. Face each other and place your leg around their back. Keep your movements slow and get them to stay still for as long as possible. You will enjoy every bit of the act!

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