You wanted to get naughty with your partner several times when you were out in the club, but you never managed to pull off that raunchy sex in the public restroom. Things get even more complicated when you are not living together, and the only option left for you is to either book a hotel room or have sex outdoors. So, the next time you are on a date, and you can't keep your hands away from each other, head straight to the restroom. These tips will make sex in a public bathroom easy and a lot of fun.

1. Wear a Skirt

Things become so much more easier when they can slide their hands under your skirt. Now if you are wearing jeans, they have first to unzip it, pull it down, which makes the entire activity oh-so-slow. What if someone comes knocking at the door just as soon as they opened your pants?

2. Leave For the Bathroom at Separate Times

Departing together for the restroom can raise some eyebrows. If you want to have some undisturbed fun, make sure that you leave for the toilet at separate times. Let no one get a hint of what you are up to. Hot Foreplay Ideas: Sexy Things to Do With Ice for the Wildest Night Ever

3. Leave Your Belongings Behind

If you are at a restaurant, leave as much stuff as possible at the table. That said, make sure that you carry your wallet and your phone. The jacket and the shopping bag are going to come in your way when you bring them along with you.

4. Try and Use a Handicap Stall

Yes, it is selfish to hog a stall from someone who needs it, but the chances of someone knocking at the door will be way lesser than it is in the regular washrooms. Plus, you get those rails that can come in handy. Sexy Ways To Put On A Condom For A Wild, Wild Night!

5. Keep It Simple

Don't get too adventurous trying that new standing sex position. Stick to just basics. The seated position is the best for having sex in a restroom. You will spend little time getting into a position and spend more time enjoying the act.

6. Don't Moan

Save all the moaning for your bedroom sex. You surely do not want uninvited guests hunting you down in the washroom, do you? Sex and Weight Loss: How to Have Hottest Sex and Burn the Most Number of Calories

7. Clean It Up

Be a responsible citizen and clean up any evidence of the act. You would not want others to freak out at your discharge. The idea should be to live and let others live.

In the end, make sure that you have fun. In the worst-case scenario, they will ask you to leave the restaurant or the bar, but it will all be worth it.

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