A lot of experts believe that you should conceive by the age of 30 as your biological clock starts slowing after that. There are also many studies to conclude that women between 19 and 26 have higher chances of conceiving on the most fertile day of the month. However, those between 35 and 39 have less than 30% chances of getting pregnant. Going by the data, it is natural to be worried, thinking that you have missed the bus. Don't panic yet! You can still be a mom even in your late 30s or 40s. It is just that it can take several trials. Here are a few things you should stop doing right now if you want a bun in the oven post 30.

Cut Back on Caffeine

Did you know caffeine can delay conception? It can also increase your chances of misconception or miscarriage once you conceive. Therefore, try and cut down your coffee intake to not more than two cups in a day. Pregnancy Facts: Surprising Things You Did Not Know About Your Baby's Kicks in the Womb!

Quit Smoking

If you did not find motivation enough to kick the butt, it is high time that you do it now. Smoking can have a terrible effect on your fertility. When you take in the harmful toxins and nicotine, you also cause harm to the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus apart from your lungs. Planning To Delay Your Pregnancy? Here's How to Predict How Long You Will Stay Fertile Before Hitting Menopause.

Don't Touch Alcohol

Although the mechanism in which alcohol affects fertility is still unknown, many studies have shown a link between drinking and infertility in women. Why would you take a chance anyway? Pregnancy Side Effects: Unfortunate Things That Happen When You Are Pregnant!

Don't Take Your Diet for Granted

Okay, you do not care about your weight but please don't give up on healthy eating if you want to conceive. Eating nutritious food is a natural way to boost your chances of conception. It would help if you increased your intake of protein and vitamins to regulate the production of hormones naturally.

Also, make exercise a part of your daily routine as it will increase the flow of oxygen in various part of your body, including the reproductive system.

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