What To Wear To The Gym: 8 Tips Women Need To Remember While Buying Workout Clothes
How to get the right workout clothes (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

With health on everybody's agenda, gym fashion has found prominence. People like looking good while they're sweating it out. However, the wrong pair of leggings or sports bra and you'll find yourself distracted by all the itchiness on your skin and probably even your nether regions. While a plethora of workout regimes and activities are emerging and being considered, it has become increasingly important for women to know what kind of gymwear or sports outfits should be donned. Hence, we've jotted down a list of things you should remember when buying workout clothes.

#1 Pick a fabric that wicks!

When choosing the right gym clothes, the one most important thing to pay heed to would be the fabric. The material of your gym clothes should benefit your workout and not hinder your growth. Wicking is basically fabric that absorbs sweat produced during workout sessions. Remember, your body needs to maintain a certain temperature so as to keep you vibrant throughout the session.

If your sweat remains on your skin, your body temperature won't cool down, which will eventually leave you fatigued and tired. Clothes made from nylon, spandex, polypropylene and bamboo are known to pull the moisture away and allow the sweat to evaporate. Of course, once you're down with your session, make sure to wash your outfits within a short span of time, to avoid post-workout stench and kill chances of bacteria that could cling on to your clothes.

#2 Choose Cotton for Low-Intensity Workouts

Yes, wicking fabric is usually recommended for workout clothes. However, if you've chosen activities such as yoga, where you don't sweat more, you can opt for cotton as well. In fact, cotton also does the work of making your skin feel comfortable. It is resistant to less perspiration and does a damning good job of getting the stench off you! In fact, research is proof that odour-causing bacterias tend to cling to fibres like spandex, rather than cotton.

#3 Modify Your Gym Clothes Depending on the Season

It is very important that you choose your fabric and keep altering it as per the season. In winter, go for cotton. Since it is considerably cooler, you won't sweat much, so cotton is your best bet. However, during summer, keep cotton at bay and adopt wicking fabric that collects and evaporates all the sweat from your skin.

Don't forget to:

#4 Try Pants or Leggings!

Do squats if need be but try the outfits that you think would do your body justice during workouts. Loose or baggy clothes would give your skin enough room to rub against each other, causing rash and other such skin perils. In fact, when the fabric sticks to your body, it does the job of cleaning out all the sweat. However, with baggy clothes, the sweat would keep accumulating on your skin, leading to bacterial infections.


While loose and baggy ones aren't the best option, extremely tight pants aren't the best way to go about it either. You need to find an outfit that is just perfect, not too tight or too loose. Your body needs enough room to stretch without you facing any sort of wardrobe malfunction.

#5 Buy According Your Workout Regime

What's your workout like? Is it yoga or kickboxing or cross fit? Because the answer will ultimately decipher the apt outfit for your workout session. Note: All the workouts have a different effect on your body and your sweat-cycle to be precise. Hence, as per the intensity of your workouts, buy the relevant outfits.

#6 Pick Outfits According to Body Type

Yes, it is very necessary that you choose the outfit that best compliment your body. If you're blessed in your bosom, don't go for sports bras because squishing them jewels ain't the best way to workout. If your legs are shorter, long pants would only come in the way of your exercise.

#7 Pick Every Outfit From the Wicking Counter

From what you wear outside to what you wear inside (that includes your undergarments), pick everything that absorbs your sweat and keeps your skin sweat-free. Comfortable bras are a must as they don't suffocate you during your workouts. And well-fit underpants won't leave you in an embarrassing position of wedgies.

#8 Finally, let your feet breath fresh air!

Cotton socks are the best way to go for workouts as they only soak up all the sweat, leaving your feet with excess blisters. Choose socks that wick away the sweat which usually accumulates tremendously in your feet.

To sum it up,  choose cotton, change workout clothes according to the season, choose according to your body type and always pick a fabric that absorbs sweat! Choosing good clothes for the gym is not just a matter of looking good while working out. Remember, a pair of leggings has the power to make or break your workout. So shop wisely.