Winter Sex: Science-Backed Reasons That Makes You More Likely To Get Laid During the Colder Months
winter couple (photo credits: Pixabay)

Sure winter months are not without torments like chapped lips, dry skin and icy toes, but winter can be great for your sex life. When it is cold, you naturally crave warmth and closeness and this can increase your desire of snuggling up with your partner. So if you have been looking for an excuse to get back on Tinder or up your game in bed, now is a great time. Not convinced enough? Here are all the science-backed reasons why you are more likely to hook up during winter.

1. Men Find Women More Attractive In Winter

A study performed by the University of Wroclaw found that men find women more attractive during the winter months and less desirable in the summer months. According to their theory, men get attracted to women even with a little skin show since women wear multiple layers during winters. So you can chalk it up to 'wanting what you can't have' kind of a thing.

2. General Mood Is Horny

Speaking on the biological level, researchers found that the testosterone levels of men are at its peak in December. Testosterone is that one hormone which regulates male sex drive and the higher the testosterone, the higher is the libido. The high testosterone level is possibly due to the climate and sleep pattern changes. Winter Sex Tips: Hottest Ideas to Warm up Your Sex Life in the Cold Weather for the Best Orgasm of Your Life

3. Everyone Just Seeks Warmth

When it is cold outside, having a winter 'friends with benefits' or spouse, can keep you warm. According to psychologists, the feeling of togetherness and belongingness is going to give all the warmth. Besides, when you are socially isolated, you are more likely to seek out for activities that can provide you some warmth. Activities like taking hot shower and having regular sex falls in this 'giving you warmth' category. Winter Sex: Real Life Winter Sex Stories That Will Prove That Orgasm In Chilly Weather Is The Best

4. People Seek Comfort to Combat SAD

When there is less sunlight, your body produces less mood-boosting serotonin which means that you feel more depressed and lonely during winter. These mood shifts can ignite your desire of connecting with your partner and there can be nothing better than orgasms to pump all the feel-good hormones. Cold Temperatures Getting You Down? Here's How to Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder and Boost Your Energy and Mood This Winter

5. The Holiday Cheer Is Contagious

The holiday season is full of commercials of grand romantic gesture that could subconsciously affect your desire of coupling up with someone. Besides, when you see all the wedding and engagement posts of your friends in social media, you crave for a relationship or at least a hook-up.

And since we take vacations and breaks from work during the holiday season, we are more likely to meet romantic prospects while attending parties and social gatherings. All that merry-making can totally get you in the mood.