Now that our in-salon trims and treatments are at a pause from the routine, our skin and hair care are entirely upon us. There are a lot of tricks and tips available for perfect skincare, and some of you may have some DIY routine as well, but what about hair? Given the ongoing troublesome situation across the globe, the stress and anxiety we all are facing are likely to affect our hair and skin. Just because you are unable to leave the house freely, it does not mean you abandon your beauty routine. Take good care of your hair by making this famous DIY hair mask—the honey and olive oil hair mask. Yes, it is seen as a quarantine love and indeed has a lot of benefits to your hair. This is a simple two-ingredient recipe for healthy, shiny locks. It works on all hair types and does not discolour your hair. In this article, we bring you how to make this easy DIY hair mask and apply at home for extra and long strands. We have also attached a video stop you follow the step-by-step guidance. Don’t Lockdown on Skincare! 10 Tips for Healthy and Glowing Skin While You’re Self-Quarantining. 

A homemade hair mask virtually guarantees the ingredients you are slathering on your strands. All-natural and non-toxic! Proper oil massage can protect the hair from damage and breakage and have a moisturising effect. And if you add some ingredients with it, like honey, your hair locks will smoothen, just how you like them. Refresh Your Hair With These Easy to Make Shikakai Masks. 

How to Make Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask?

  • For ingredients, you would need, one teaspoon of honey and three teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil. You may have to add a little more, depending on your hair thickness, type and how long your strands are.
  • Heat the honey and olive oil hair mask mixture.
  • Wait until it was cool enough to touch.
  • Apply the recipe from root to tip.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb to make sure the moisture coats every strand.

Watch Video:

Once you apply, you may feel that your hair is sticky, because of the honey and that might worry you. But don’t be afraid as the warm water in the shower will dissolve all the honey and wash it from your hair. You can apply the hair mask once or twice in a month.

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