A drone is simplistically an unmanned aircraft. That’s the reason we call them unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or unmanned aircraft systems (UASes). We can also introduce it as a flying robot controlled remotely or autonomously by software-controlled flight plans.

It’s cooperating with GPS systems and onboard sensors in order not to confuse their way of the flight. Drones are often associated with the military because they are able to help in actions that the army is obligated to conduct. The military drone market is three times larger than the consumer market.

Drones like Prometheus are a revolutionary invention that can save lives by dropping eg. a first aid kit or lifebuoy. These flying machines are also used in the fields such as fuel sector, energetics sector, agriculture, forestry, infrastructure, air transport, protection of national borders, protection of the environment, mass event organization, public administration and many more.

Surveyors also use drones for their work. They take measurements for mapping, creating land inventories and describing landforms. Furthermore, it can help saving the earth in a lot of ways. For example, Google donated $5 million to a program using drones to track poachers in Africa and Asia.

Few Words About Prometheus Brand

Prometheus is a company found in 2019 by visionaries and enthusiasts of technology. It is run by the staff of experienced professionals with academic titles degrees: electronic engineers, designers, constructors, programmers, managers, flight and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) flight instructors and also many others. It is a leader in the global UAV industry. Members of the staff have co-created as many as 20 aviation projects (such as eg. Flaris LAR01) and 25 drone projects (such as eg. the biggest polish drone PW-100). Company’s scope of activities are designing and manufacturing innovated drones, selling drones for the various economic sectors and training pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles. Prometheus was honoured with nomination for Polish Innovation Award 2020 for “construction and development of an innovative drone” named BSP Prometheus GSM 077.

Key features of Prometheus Drones

Drone Prometheus is controlled via GSM/4G or 5G. Additionally, it uses cellular network and that’s why it’s able to also fly beyond the horizon. It has a hybrid drive that allows using it for three to seven hours of flight and its big payload enables to carry several sensors at once.

Drone is able to carry and dump loads in heavy rains or snow and has an emergency parachute landing system at altitudes as low as 10 meters.  You can program a flight path using GPS, which gives you the ability to repeat the flight and then compare the data collected from each one.

BSP Prometheus GSM 077 can move and maneuver smoothly in any direction, not only forward, and is equipped with proximity sensors that protect them against bumping into obstacles and hitting them. It also includes automatic obstacle identification system.

Drone Prometheus flies at any altitude in accordance to aviation law unlike regular aircraft. It is equipped with day/night and thermal imaging cameras, and the latest apparatus including led searchlight, microphone and a speaker in order to conduct a real-time conversation with people on the ground.

The artificial intelligence implemented on the drone enables automatic face recognition, reading vehicle license plates, automatic object tracking based with IR detection. It tremendously helps in detecting threats regardless of the time or weather conditions. Also, thanks to the systems with artificial intelligence algorithms, drone is assisting the operator with mission decisions: research, observations or interactions to be accomplished.

On the other hand, it doesn’t require that much of a human service, thanks to automatic take-off, flight and landing systems and requires less formal actions due to 25kg takeoff weight. In case of emergency, Prometheus has six electrical supply tracks that doesn’t turn off when one of them is broken. Also, it has two independent energy sources and a generator equipped with an automatic starter that operates if the generator switched off.

Additionally, it contains author’s laser obstacle avoidance system. Mobile automatic capsule (trailer) is used for transporting the drone and at the same time it’s a place of automatic take-off and landing of the drone.

Why An Unmanned Aircraft and Not An Helicopter?

A drone is easy to fly, so it’s user friendly even at a basic level. It doesn’t put pilot’s life at risk and in case of emergency, it can activate parachute landing itself, unlike a helicopter. It also doesn’t put life of people residing on a raid area at risk. Drone Prometheus is 85% quieter than regular aircraft or helicopter and it requires several times lower operating and flight costs. For the drone, you don’t need an airport or any other special space for it to take-off or land. Prometheus also flies at a lower level than helicopter, which allows to collect more accurate data from a flight.

Drone is also easy to transport in a required place, even more so it comes with a trailer, also more stable and better adjusted to transport cargo such as for example first aid kit. Additionally, it has streaming video in HD or 4K quality, that goes directly to the indicated server. Finally, it’s very simple in technical repairs and requires 80% less service than helicopter.