As Indian women, one thing we can all agree on, is that hair removal (body or facial) is a constant struggle. We schedule our outings around trips to the parlour for our eyebrows, hair and body waxing. Our outfits are based on whether or not we waxed recently because we dare not take a razor to our legs in case the hair grows back thicker. Well, here to alleviate some of that stress is this game-changing product. Keep reading to see what is revolutionizing the world of pain-free hair removal.

As a regular on any social media platform, you are sure to have come across Finishing Touch Flawless. Priced at INR 2500, it's the next "in" thing for facial hair removal. Might seem steep but come on, we spend more than that at the salon on a monthly basis. How To Remove Facial Hair Instantly and Painlessly With Finishing Touch Flawless.

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Finishing touch flawless has two devices available on the Indian market - the facial hair remover and the eyebrow device. We decided to try the former and quite honestly, were blown away by the results. It's small, cordless and only uses a AA battery. You can fit it in your purse which makes it great for last-minute touch-ups for that big meeting or when you're in a rush getting ready. It's convenient and hassle-free, well worth the money in our opinion. The packaging is beautiful and would make a lovely addition to any gift hamper for a very lucky lady! Eyebrow Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Arches for Life!

In terms of actual usage, you move it in a circular motion along the desired area, and the hair collects at the base of the device. It does have to be cleaned out with a tiny brush (provided). There's no mess involved, and the results are, quite literally, flawless.

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This product would be beneficial for a variety of skin types but, would be absolutely perfect for those with sensitive skin. Worrying about the pain and irritation that comes with waxing or threading, will be a thing of the past. Personally, we're looking forward to a pain-free future with this product!

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5 stars from us!

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