How to Self-Isolate in a Shared House? Google Searches Spike Amid Coronavirus Outbreak! Easy Ways to Practise Self-Isolation During COVID-19 Pandemic
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The novel coronavirus has gripped nations across. Some countries which are severely hit by the COVID-19 are under lockdown. Meanwhile, health experts globally, including members of the World Health Organisation (WHO) is urging people to stay at home, maintain social distance to contain the spread. With the outbreak, the searches for self-isolation and self-quarantine have increased massively. Now people are looking for ways to self-isolate in a shared house. The searches for ‘How to self-isolate in a shared house?’ has spiked at an all-time high over the past week, revealed search-engine giant Google. But what is self-isolation? When is an appropriate time to enact self-isolation and self-quarantine? Below, we accumulated all the essential details and some easy ways including how one can practise self-isolation in a shared house during COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s How People Who Live Alone Can Keep Their Spirits High in Self-Isolation During COVID-19 Lockdown. 

What is Self-Isolation? How is it Different Than Self-Quarantine?

Self-isolation is isolating within the house after you start showing symptoms of COVID-19. If you develop symptoms like fever, cough or shortness of breath, that is when you should self-isolate at home. Self-quarantine is staying in place, either at home or elsewhere for a period of fourteen days because you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for coronavirus.

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How to Practise Self-Isolation in a Shared House?

If you can have a separate space where you can access the restroom without travelling through common areas that would be the best. Limit the number of visitors in your home. If you are in a room with other people, keep a distance of at least 2 meters and wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth to prevent droplets spreading through the air. In case you are caring for the ones who are sick at home, wash your hands frequently and avoid close contact as much as possible. Health experts also advise to clean frequent- or high-touch surfaces, as well to clean clothes in very hot water. ‘How to Cut Your Own Hair Men’ Spikes on Google Trends Amid Coronavirus Lockdown, Here Are Easy & Useful Tips to Get Haircut at Home. 

It is a tough time. With no definitive cure immediately available, self-isolation, self-quarantining, social distancing and maintain hygiene can only help to contain the spread of the deadly COVID-19.