International Beer Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday of August. This day was founded in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California by Jesse Avshalomov. The objective of this day is to gather around with friends with a chilled one, to celebrate those responsible for serving beer and to appreciate beers across the world. While beer guzzlers think drinking is the only purpose of beer, there are other uses of the drink too! Did you ever think you can bathe in beer?  International Beer Day 2019: Funny Beer Memes That Will Make You High Without Any Alcohol!

From smoothening your hair to cleaning your furniture, beer can be used for various purposes. International Beer Day 2018: 8 Health Benefits Of Beer That Are Science-Backed!

1. Take a Beer Bath

Take a dip in a tub filled with beer and take a "bubble bath." Just resist the temptation to drink from it. The bubbles in the beer can help cleanse the skin. The presence of yeast and other ingredients in the beer can be great for your skin's overall health.

2.  Put Out Fire

Although not as effective as a fire extinguisher, beer can be used to put out small flare-ups. Some people even carry a can in their car to bring it to use if their engines erupt into flames.

3. Marinate Meat

The slight acidic property of beer can help make the meat tender. Instead of using wine or vinegar-based marinades, use beer. Make cuts on the meat, and pour some beer into that. Marinate it overnight in a refrigerator to improve the flavour and texture of meat.

4. Polish Pots

You can make your pot shine and remove all stains by pouring some beer on it. The acidic property in beer can give a shiny look to the pot.

5. Smoothen Up Your Hair

Beer can help remove dullness from your hair. Pour a cupful of beer in a saucepan, bring it to boil over medium heat and let it reduce until there's 1/4 cup left. This removes the alcohol from the beer, which can dry hair. Mix the leftover after it cools down with any shampoo, then wash the hair, as usual, this will give your hair a shiny look.

6. Remove Kidney Stone

Beer is diuretic, and it can help flush kidneys and bladder. Therefore, if you are suffering from kidney stone or any bladder infection, drinking beer is not a bad idea.

7. Helps Fight Insomnia

People who face sleep disorder should consider drinking beer. The smell of a beer is a sleep aid. However, this should not be considered a permanent solution if you suffer from insomnia. Seek medical help instead.

8. Polish Your Furniture

Pour some beer on a microfiber cloth and then gently rub it on your furniture. This will give your furniture a new look and bring back the same colour.

Beer has the uncanny ability to become a part of the occasion, whether happy or sad. If you love beer, you are always in good company. Celebrate this International Beer Day 2019 by sharing some of these tips with your fellow beer lovers.

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