Dating During Coronavirus, How to Host a Virtual Happy Hour, Virtual Dinner Party & Others Are Top Google Searches During Pandemic
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The world is gripped with the novel coronavirus. With the unfortunate growing number of cases, everyone is significantly opting to stay back at home and maintain social distance. As concerns about the pandemic sweep the globe, and people are in self-quarantine, they are relying on the internet to get and share information. The search engine giant has a dedicated coronavirus dashboard, which lets you see what people are asking. Honestly, there are a lot. From the number of COVID-19 cases to quarantine birthday party ideas, the searches are endless. The searches for Dating during coronavirus, Virtual Happy Hour, Virtual Dinner Party and others have seen a significant spike over the past week on Google during the pandemic. Self-Isolation Exercise, Prison Workout & Online Workout Are Top Fitness Trends on Google Amid Coronavirus Outbreak. 

Dating During Coronavirus

Google revealed worldwide searches for dating during coronavirus spiked +1,700% over the past week. Many have found themselves concerned whether they should even be leaving their homes, much less kissing strangers they have just met online. Meeting new people and dating during COVID-19 outbreak can be complicated. At a time while health experts are encouraging social distance, it is advisable to use technology. You can watch the same movie or cook the same meal and eat together over a video chat.

Virtual Happy Hour

Google reveal that searches for Happy Hour have dipped to a 12-month low worldwide. However, the searches for ‘how to host a virtual happy hour,’ has spiked +4,550% over the past week. In the US, ‘Quarantine birthday party ideas’ too saw a spike of +2,900%. Virtual happy hour and streaming parties are the best way at the moment, allowing you to be social from a distance. The virtual happy hours are hosted on video conferencing platforms like Skype. Just in case you are wondering, virtual happy hours are BYOB! How to Celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries and Festivals While Self-Quarantining: Alternative Ideas to Make Celebrations Memorable Amid COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Virtual Dinner Party

The searches for Virtual Dinner Party spiked +600% over the past week, globally. At the time of social distancing, people are looking for creative ideas to stay close while being in coronavirus quarantine. Get everyone (of course, people who you want to invite) on the same screen of a video call. Pick up a recipe, make it together or come up with other plans where all your invitees can participate and enjoy your virtual dinner party, while in the distance.

These are the top searches on Google as people are embracing self-quarantine amid coronavirus pandemic. The searches show that just because we are social distancing, does not mean we need to cut ourselves off from friends and loved ones. It is inspiring to see people being curious to know more fun and creative ways to get social, while distancing.