A plethora of people are being swayed by the waves of trading these days. And the majority of them are fresh minds who have no idea about trading but still want to try their hands. Do you also belong to this niche? If yes, then don't worry Mohammad Nasir Ansari has got you covered. He is a trader settled in Hyderabad who is also an educator now. Today, Nasir has a few pieces of advice to offer to the rising traders.

The trader puts his firm belief in the fact that a new trader shouldn't directly start with options or futures trading. And why did he say so? Here's how Md. Nasir explains this. He says, "For every new trader out there, according to me, you have to focus on two of the most important things:

knowledge and experience. You should have a hefty understanding of trading before you enter that field. If you're trading without knowledge, then it's gambling and not trading."

Md. Nasir has always focused on how important trading education is for emerging traders. Taking to his second suggestion, i.e., experience, he says, "If you have opened a Demat account, then you should try trading in equity. Practice in a company that offers Nifty and when you gain some confidence and are very sure about your skills, only then you should shift to the Option of Future trading."

For gaining quality knowledge of trading, you can simply subscribe to and watch Nasir's YouTube channel, "Baap of Chart." Here, you will find every piece of trading information that you are looking for. Nasir started this platform in 2015, and now he has approximately one lakh subscribers.

But why should you believe this young trader? We know you are baffled by this question. So let us tell you, Md. Nasir has dedicated his years to trading and has suffered a lot before he could actually achieve success. With over a decade of experience and numerous failures, Nasir has finally emerged as one of the best traders.