Today's generation knows how to make a better life for themselves and achieve success. They are well aware that success won't come knocking on their door. Everyone has to work hard and make decisions that will change their life forever. Sandy Joia, aka Surinderpal Singh, is one such person who changed his life with his efforts and made a place for himself in the Punjabi music industry.

Sandy Joia is a well-known Punjabi Music Producer. He is the founder of 'Outlaw Records', a production house behind several superhits and skilled singers. From childhood, music played a prominent role in Sandy's life. He used to spend time listening to various artists from all around the world. That's when Joia decided to make a career in the music industry and launched his own production house.

Sandy says about his production house and love for music, "I always knew that I am not made for 9-5 job. I am passionate about art and cinema, especially music. One day, I decided to start my own production house and give a chance to young and talented Punjabi singers in our country. It helps me give a secure platform to the artists and also helps me introduce people worldwide with authentic Punjabi music. My intention is to live the best life, help artists and make sure people enjoy our songs."

So far, Punjabi music producer Sandy Joia's Outlaw Records has worked with talented artists like Minda, Ekam Sudhar, Veer Sandhu, Vikram Gill, Navaan Sandhu, Varinder Brar and Roop Bhullar. Some of his super hit tracks are Black-life" by Navaan Sandhu, "Thik-Thak" by Minda, "Kyu Nahi Dekhda", and "Muuchh" by Sidhu Moosewala.

Sandy Joia is happy with the success of Outlaw Records. He plans to release more songs on his YouTube channel and has collaborated with some amazing musicians. Soon, the producer will make an official announcement on his social media platforms.