Anal Douching Before Sex For Gay Partners: Should You Do It? What Are The Best Ways To Clean The Rectal Canal
Anal Douching (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

One of the biggest worries for gay partners before having sex is douching. While the Netflix show Sex Education, has diverted our attention to this major subject that is rarely discussed, there is still more to go. Anal douching has always been a controversial subject. How to perform anal douche? How to make sure you do it safely? How to talk to your partner about anal douching? Well, the list of questions doesn't end. Anal Sex for the First Time? 7 Things to Remember Before Starting With The 'Butt Stuff'. 

Before we start on how to perform anal douching on your own, you must know that many experts do not advise anal douching, at least doing it on your own at home. They believe that there are chances that you accidentally hurt your rectal area. If not done correctly, you can meet with an accident. Also douching too many times is not good for you, because some experts believe that some faecal matter is supposed to be in the rectal area.

How to Perform Anal Douching?

Shower Enemas

For this kind of douching, you use a type of specifically made nozzles that are attached to your shower hose. This can act as pumps, to clean your rectal canal.

Enema Bulbs

You get bulb-shaped enemas that you can use to flush out the faecal matter before anal sex.

Fleet Enemas

This is not meant to get done before having sex but, in fact, for medical purposes. They are medical enemas filled with a special saline solution.

It is also important that you talk to your partner about anal douching. Also if you have always been the bottom while having sex, you must talk about switching positions so that both can enjoy an equal amount of fun.