Sex is a very exciting experience. But having sex, in the same way, gets people super bored. What helps is exploring major turn-ons for you and your partner. You can discuss and figure out what is that makes you weak in the knees. Knowing and learning more about each other's likes and dislikes helps majorly.  Many people even today do not know where the clitoris is or in the case of men what kind of blowjob they like.  Many people are not able to arouse their partners properly and don't even understand foreplay before the intercourse. Let's take a look at some common turn-ons for men and women:

  • Naughty Pranks: Most people expect their partner to get a little naughty in bed. Tease them and make them work for it. Hot Sex Tips: From Foreplay to Intercourse, the Ultimate Guide For Having An Intense Orgasm.
  • Sex Initiation: Most people do not take the initiative to start sex and that may be a bit of a turn off. If you think your partner is dropping some hints about XXX-tra hot sex, go ahead and initiate some action.
  • Sexy Underwear: For both men and women sexy and themed underwear makes the partner's mood romantic.
  • Foreplay: The good ol' foreplay has always been the biggest turn-on for both the genders. Make foreplay an avid part of your sex life. Kiss them lovingly or go down on them. explore as much as you can.
  • Mood lights: You can make your partner happy by introducing some really fun mood lights in your sex life.

It's no secret that foreplay does most of the job when it comes to enjoying sex. The right type of foreplay depends on your partner's interest! It cannot be stressed enough how much foreplay matters. Foreplay can range from heavy make-out sessions or a few minutes of oral sex to sensual massages or even a little mutual masturbation. Experiment with different methods to see what your partner enjoys. Foreplay doesn't need to run very long. Just a few minutes will make both of you ready to warm up and move on. Foreplay helps the vagina to stimulate the natural lubricant, which can help make sex fun.

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