Hot Valentine's Day Sex Position: Sex-On-The-Bench, Kamasutra-Inspired Position For Intense Climax and to Avoid Condom Slips
Valentine's Day sex position (Photo Credits: The Noun Project and File Image)

Along with this week being the love-filled Valentine's Day week, it is International Condom Day tomorrow. Just a day ahead of Valentine's day condom day spreads awareness about safe sex. The day, dedicated to encouraging the use of this birth control measure that also protects from STDs and STIs, falls right before Valentine's day which is dedicated to love and sex. You get the drift as to why these two days are celebrated one after the other. However, often many couples avoid using condoms while having sex because they feel that it comes in the way of enjoyment or an intense climax/orgasm. Hot Valentine's Day Sex Position: The Whipped Cream Sex Position Is Exactly What Women Must Try On February 14 For Multiple Orgasms. 

However, this is not the case, not only are condoms immensely helpful but also types like, ribbed and dotted ones enhance pleasure and gives intense climax. But, if you want to curb the problem of condoms slipping out and still want to have a mindblowing orgasm, you can try the Kamasutra inspired sex-on-the-bench sex position.  This sex position allows the woman to have maximum control of her multiple orgasms and also makes the condom not slip out. Hot Valentine's Day Sex Position: Try out the Viral Cupid’s Arrow Sex Position to Get the Best Orgasm of Your Life. 

How To Ace The Sex-On-The-Bench, Kamasutra-Inspired Position

The sex position practically looks like the man forming a bench on with the woman sits with both her legs apart. The woman-on-top sex position gives maximum control to the woman while keeping the condoms intact. It is very much like the whipped cream sex position, except it requires the man to for an arch for better penetration. Valentine's Day Sexy Lingerie: From Disha Patani and Demi Rose to Mia Khalifa and Abigail Ratchford to Take Inspiration from for the Steamy Night!

Here's How The Sex-On-The-Bench, Kamasutra-Inspired Position Looks Like:

Valentine's Day sex position (Photo Credits: The Noun Project and File Image)

Make sure to try this position out where you have a lot of space. This sex position can also help you lose weight and as it can help you burn calories easily while giving you extreme pleasure.