Morning Sex Positions: From Spooning to Anal Sex Try These Fun Poses to Have the Most Orgasmic Start of the Day
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Turn your mundane mornings into an adventure by trying out morning sex! To add more thrill to your sex life, having intercourse in the morning can work wonders. A lot of experts believe that having an orgasm in the morning can boost your hormone levels, leaving you feeling connected with your partner all day long. Besides, isn’t morning sex something interesting and fun to try? So, break the routine and try having sexual intercourse in the morning and see how that works for you. Now, in case if you’ve been wondering how to have great sex in the morning, here are a few tips and tricks to help you out. Morning Sex to Last Longer in Bed! 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Day With Sex Instead of Coffee. 

Start with Spooning

The idea of having morning sex is sure appealing and exciting but let’s not forget those mornings are actually lazy and lousy. So, make sure you begin slowly at your own pace. Cuddle a little, spoon a little in slow-motion. How Many Calories Do You Burn When You Have Sex? Find Out Which Position Is Good for Weight Loss.

Once you’re both slowly getting into the mood, start by rubbing your penis against her hips while you’re still spooning. Move your hands over her waist and breasts to get her all pumped up for the sex.

Get the Hands Moving

Meanwhile, by the time she turns towards you, she’d have her hands at the right places too. Make sure you start stimulating her G-spot and she, in return, can start massaging your penis too.

Missionary Position for Morning Sex

The missionary position is the safest when you’re still trying to get all energetic and be sex-ready early in the morning. The missionary position will also make sure that you both have eye contact and that will only make the arousal easier.

Tried Anal in the Morning Yet?

Early morning anal sex can also be a thrilling experience. If you and your partner are worried about morning breath, you could always try anal. Not only will it make the experience more arousing but will also wake you up and how!