R.S. Veira, an author, filmmaker, and self-proclaimed dreamer, has released his new book, Dream With Me: A Dreamer’s Ramblings on Life, Love, God, and Achieving the Dream through his imprint, RSV Ink.

 Veira’s new book serves not only as an impassioned exhortation to readers to dream bigger but a testament to what can happen when we take a leap of faith and pursue those dreams. 

 Dream With Me consists of over fifty of Veira’s inspirational and heartfelt blog posts and personal notes from 2014-2021. It paints a vivid picture of the ups and downs of Veira’s journey to make a dream a reality. It chronicles his transition from Division I basketball player to author, filmmaker, and co-founder of his production company, Dream With Me Productions, and publishing imprint, RSV Ink. 

 “My basketball journey was a true odyssey,” Veira recalled. “I transferred high schools and then colleges just to fulfill my dream of playing Division I basketball. That journey proved to me that God is real and he hears us when we call. I couldn’t have done it without him guiding my steps and lighting my path. So when I set my sights on becoming an author and a filmmaker, I again turned to him and he made it happen. But it wasn’t easy. I was homeless my first night in LA. I faced a lot of daunting obstacles over the years, but I overcame them with my faith.”

 Veira relives many of those obstacles in his book. He hopes Dream With Me will help readers to not only chase their dreams but to catch them, especially readers of color.

 “I’m a Black man, and at no point did I think my dreams were impossible because of the color of my skin,” Veira stated. “I believe that God’s plan for my life eclipses everything. That’s my biggest hope for Dream With Me, that it reveals to whoever reads it that if you truly believe in the dream God placed in your heart and go after it, he will make a way and you will achieve it.” 

 Veira is the author of four Young Adult books: The Turner Street Chronicles trilogy and The Last Guardians. The former, a best-selling Amazon Fantasy/Thriller trilogy, is about a suburban street plagued by demonic forces and the children who defend it. The Last Guardians is an epic Fantasy tale that will be right at home on any fantasy lover’s bookshelf. The 2nd edition of all four books have been recently released in paperback through RSV Ink.

 “I call them the first five,” Veira said enthusiastically. “They’re the first five paperback books published through RSV Ink. Dream With Me may be my fifth book, but it in fact paved the way for all of them. Many of the blog posts and notes in Dream With Me were written as I was writing and self-publishing those e-books. Writing those blog posts helped me hone my craft, find my voice, and gave me the confidence to dream bigger dreams. Now I hope they inspire others to dream bigger as well.”

 Interested readers who wish to learn more about the author can visit https://www.rsveira.com. The book can be purchased from Amazon by simply searching “Dream With Me: A Dreamer’s Ramblings on Life, Love, God, and Achieving the Dream”. R.S. Veira, born Raphael Sylvester Veira, graduated cum laude from Cleveland State University in 2014, where he also played on the basketball team for two years. He won the Horizon League Sportsmanship Award in 2014.