Rules are important everywhere, but when real money is at stake in a game, nothing is more essential than having all participating parties follow the rules so everyone can enjoy their game.

It is not different for the licensed online casinos that operate in India, and the rules one needs to know and follow to ensure a pleasant experience are not only the rules of the games themselves, but also include a basic code of conduct for the online casino floor.

This article is intended to be a useful guide to those players who wish to dip their toes in licensed online gambling and want to make sure they fit nicely and know what to do.

Age Limit

The most basic and immutable rule is that casino games are entertainment for adults only. This is universally valid both for land-based and online casinos, and there is not a single gaming licensing authority in the whole world that would legitimise a site that allows people under the age of 18 to gamble.

No society would allow children to play games with real money and the age limit is not only a legal requirement in practically any jurisdiction on the planet, but also a vital responsible gaming measure and Item No 1 on any social responsibility agenda.

The age limit is taken very seriously by licensed online casinos and they regularly conduct user ID verifications to make sure any underage gambling is quickly detected.

Account Registration

Another universal rule for licensed online casinos is that no games with real money can be accessed and played without a properly registered account. Your account should be registered with your real details so that you don’t lose it when the account is verified.

Naturally, licensed gambling sites try to give their best to make the sign up process as quick and easy as possible. The Casino Days games library, for example, is available for Indians only after completing the sign up process, which has been designed to take just a couple of minutes and 3 simple steps:

  1. Press the “Sign up” button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen;
  2. Enter your names, email and country/region, and create a password;
  3. Complete the sign up.

Behave in the Chats

Being a good and well-behaved citizen online is just as important as when out on the streets, especially if acting through your own registered account.

Familiarising yourself with and respecting the chatting rules, respecting the other players and the casino staff in the in-game live chats and when contacting customer support, and generally showing good behaviour can guarantee you a pleasant gaming experience.

Breaking and disrespecting the rules will likely get you suspended from the chat features and such a situation can never be fun.

Making Payments

As any online platform that handles a lot of money, licensed online casinos are at the forefront of global anti-money laundering measures and are therefore subjected to a lot of regulatory requirements, particularly regarding the processing of user payments.

When withdrawing money from your account at a licensed casino site, in almost all cases you will be asked to do it via the same payment method you used when making your deposit. In this way, the casino is making sure that the player’s money is going where it came from, and not contributing to money laundering.

Customer Support

The common rule regarding customer support at licensed online casinos is very straight forward - you contact them every time you need help with anything on the site, including, but not limited to:

  • Closing, reopening, or verifying your account at the site;
  • Setting up responsible gambling limits on your deposits or spending;
  • Any game not working the way it is supposed to;
  • You didn’t receive your payment, even though you have won in a game.

You can reach customer support via live chat, email or phone. Make sure you are patient, thorough and polite, and you will always get the best possible support.