The trendsetter hairstylist Samet Zili who is the owner of HairbySam hairdresser living in London talked about the 2021 hair colour trends.

With the start of a new year comes an impulsive urge to shake things up. While some are enthusiastically starting new habits—for a few weeks, at least—we’re making an appointment at the hair salon. As soon as possible.

It’s finally time to follow that itch to change up your look, starting with a new hair colour. We're predicting that 2021 summer and winter are going to be all about subtle but statement-making colour that doesn't require constant upkeep. That means low-maintenance colour in extra eye-catching shades. After that, possibilities are endless.

1-Alpine Ice

This icy shade is achieved by using foilyage or balayage—it keeps minimal dimension at the base with full saturation of blonde through the ends. A toner can help achieve this ash blonde, along with frequent use of blue shampoo at home. According to experts, toning is important to ensure there’s minimal damage by overlapping lightener.

2-Mushroom Blonde

Truly the best of both worlds, this look perfectly straddles the line between dirty blonde and brunette. The multi-tonal hair color marries shades of light brown, beige, and gray with an overall ashy tone—just like the colors you'll find on the underside of a mushroom. “it’s the perfect way for bright blondes to darken for the season, or, conversely, for deep brunettes to lighten up a bit without making any full commitments.”

3- Low maintenance platinum

Think of this as a new and improved version of platinum blonde that starts with darker blonde roots and melts into all the bright colours you could want—without risking major damage with constant touch-ups.

4- Rouge

This stunning shade of red is back by popular demand after making its appearance in The Queen’s Gambit. The sleek and sophisticated color is a true red, meaning it’s deeper than a copper red, but lighter than auburn. “In most cases, you’ll achieve this color in one appointment, but you’ll need to keep up on the maintenance with touch-ups every four to six weeks to avoid fading. I suggest keeping this as a single process as adding highlights would decrease the intensity,”