Medical Science has made a lot of advancements in recent years. These have been possible due to some remarkable people who work intensely to make others' lives easier. They know the pain and suffering involved in the entire process of medications when the disease is severe. One such person is Pulkit Kumar.

Pulkit Kumar is an Indian-American scientist also a philanthropist as well. He pursued his education at the University of Alberta. The University of Alberta is a well-known university for education across the world. His findings are mainly concerned with uplifting the quality of life of people.  His recent works on famous cancer therapy in Ayurvedic medicine, Ocimum Sanctum is truly a blessing for cancer patients.


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Since beginning Pulkit Kumar was inclined towards science, and very few people know that he is also a member of Mensa International (High IQ society) He hopes to make findings that prove to be a blessing for society through his knowledge and expertise in Science. He is more inclined towards Cancer Research and treatments for clinical depression. Being a sufferer of clinical depression, he knows the mental traumas that one faces while going to the medication. It gets complicated dealing with everyday situations and people.

Antidepressants have lots of side effects on a person's mental and physical health. Thus, he is working to find medicines that do not have side effects on a person's mental health.

Pulkit took many initiatives during his ongoing studies. While pursuing his studies at the University of Alberta, he co-founded the first Cancer society. The primary task of the Cancer Society was to discuss and spread awareness regarding cancer and its treatments. This society even worked to raise funds for Cancer Research. Pulkit Kumar's efforts showed results. The Cancer Society raised about Fifty Thousand dollars in the same year it was established, in the year 2020. The collected fund was donated to organizations working for Cancer patients and the frontline workers.

Not just in the field of medicine, Kumar is playing his active role towards conserving the environment as well. With his research and findings, he looks to make the earth greener. In the coming decade, he aims to reduce carbon emissions to nearly zero.

He is presently doing research in the field of nanotechnology. He believes that nanotechnology can play a prominent role and elevate the quality of life and environment. All we need to do is intense research in this field. He is a person of values dedicated to his goals and purposes.