Ho! Ho! Ho!  It’s Merry Christmas time, readers. The festival of Christmas is here and how. The times are exciting, and the festive mood just sets the pulse racing. Numerous activities take place in offices, schools, colleges, and other organisations, during the holiday season, but nothing beats the evergreen ‘Secret Santa’ game. The game gives us a bit of everything, be it goosebumps, excitement, anxiety, curiosity thrill etc. If you are looking for some cool, trendy, and best ‘Secret Santa’ gift ideas in your budget, then you have landed at the right page. You can find some of the best ‘Secret Santa’ present ideas, which will cost you less than Rs 500, here below. Christmas 2019 Gift Ideas: Healthy and Unique Presents for the Wellness Fanatics in Your Life!

When it comes to Secret Santa gift, there are a lot of questions that arise in one’s mind. Who am I gifting to? What should I gift? What if it turns out to be a dud? What if it turns out to be a show-off? What is the least I can spend? What will be its utility? And the most common question that props up is, what if I buy a Secret Santa gift for a girl, and it turns out to be a boy (or vice-versa)? Christmas Carols & Songs For Free Download Online: List of X'Mas 2019 Carols to Celebrate The Joyful Occasion. 

Are you worried about the questions and their answers? Well, worry not as we have got your back. We, at LatestLY, present you some of the most amazing Secret Santa gift ideas, which will be readily available at any gift shop nearby. Are you excited already? Xmas Tree Traditions Across Countries That Portray Various Traditions And Customs. 

1. Gift Card

If you want to play it cool and smart, the best choice out there is to gift the person a ‘gift card’ worth Rs 500. You can gift a gift card of Nykaa, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Shoppers Stop etc.

2. Christmas Tote Bag

Gifting a Christmas Tote bag can be another good option. It is trendy, doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, and every girl loves to carry a trendy bag with her. If your receiver turns out to be a girl, then will be a special gift.

3. Infinity bracelets

Now, who doesn’t love cool bracelets? If you are already aware of the impending Secret Santa game that will be held in your office, you can shop cool infinity-themed bracelets online. Otherwise, they are readily available at every gift shop too. PS: They will not cost you a bomb. From Santa Claus to Snowflakes, Cute Festive Manicure Ideas to Wish Merry Christmas in the Most Creative Way. 

4. Wind Chimes

Gifting someone a Santa-themed wind chime can be one of the super cool gift ideas. The gift is quite trendy too. The sweet melodious rumbling of the chimes makes one feel so satisfying, whenever they collide with each other. You can gift wind chime based on any theme; there are a lot of options available.

5. Weekly/Year Planners, Diaries

Another safe and cool Secret Santa gifting option is that of planners and diaries. It is gender-neutral and can be gifted to anyone. If the receiver doesn’t like it, he/she have a friend in their group who drools over diaries, weekly/yearly planners. (Smart choice, no?)

6. Cute Key Chains

Every Christmas time, there’s a plethora of cute key rings (or key chains) that throng the market. They are available in different themes, movies, sports, alphabets and what not. You can try by gifting a keychain based on a Marvels’ movie character, or a Game of Thrones-themed key chain. PS: If you are confused, you can pick two key chains, and it will still fit in your budget.

7. Cookie Jars, Chocolates, Combos

One of the most-loved options as a Secret-Santa gift is that of chocolates and cookie jars. You can gift a cookie jar, an assortment of chocolates, or a combo of different chocolates too. There are several Christmas-themed jars and chocolate combos readily available in the market. It is a budget-friendly gift idea, and who doesn’t like chocolates?

8. Earrings, Jewellery

If a road to a man’s heart goes through his stomach, the way to a woman’s heart can be through a pair of earrings. Women love earrings, be it in any pattern or form; they simply love it. If you have a keen eye on the latest trends in jewellery and other accessories, earrings can be a pretty good option then.

9. Deo and Perfume

Well, if you are in a hurry and didn’t get time to buy the above-mentioned gift items, then you can gift the other person an excellent deodorant or a perfume. There are so many flavours and combo options available in the market which you can select from. Tip: Musk, vanilla, mist and the list goes on.

 10. Woollen Scarf, Stole

Gifting a woollen scarf, or a stole can be an amazing Secret Santa git idea too. Winters are already here and what better can it be than gifting an item which will them the entire season, and make them look cool at the same time?

But for starters, those who don’t know what the Secret Santa game is all about, here is a brief description about it. The Secret Santa is a fun game, where an individual or a group of individuals exchange Christmas gifts anonymously. The exchange of gifts happens in such a way that the receiver doesn’t know who the giver is. It can be played individually, or in groups as well. However, the good part is, the gift doesn’t have to be an extravagant one (well, you can gift, but it’s not the thing) but a small one as a token or a gesture.

 You know the game, you know the gift ideas, all you have to do now is rush to a nearby gift shop and shell money off your pocket. We hope you loved the Secret Santa gift ideas as much as we did collate it for you. As Christmas nears, we hope you have a bombastic Secret Santa gift. Merry Christmas, readers!

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