Sex Toy Vending Machine in Japan, Now Buy Tenga Masturbatory Tools on The Go
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pexels)

Japan is known for its technological advances, and now they are advancing in the pleasure department too! People must be used to vending food items, cold drinks or basic necessities from these machines, but now they can get sex toys too. Thanks to an adult manufacturer Tenga which will make sex toy vending machines too. People can pick up a disposable masturbation device in the nation's first sex toy vending machine. Best Sex Toy Ever? Mum's Elaborate Review of Vibrator Giving Unending Orgasm Goes Viral and The Product Sells Out!

The sex toys that are available in the machine are Disposable cups which are intended for "one-time use only," spinner which has a "texturised gel sleeve [that] twists as you insert," and some washable flips. Along with cups and spinners, people can also get an energy drink called Tenga Night Charge. The machines were unveiled on August 1 and about 300 people rushed to get the sex toys. Crow Uses Credit Card at Japan Train Station, Video Goes Viral.

These machines have an age identification system and are in a secluded space, along with a fabric curtain at the side to give privacy to the consumers. The screens also play an instructional video in the booth which guides the person how to use the devices. These vending machines are located around residential apartments. As per Sora News 24 the Susukino neighbourhood where the machines are located happens to be a well-known red-light district. If the machine does well then more of such machines will be installed later at other places in Japan.

At the early start of the year, Japan's vending machines made it to the headlines once again when they sold bugs. Insect vending machines offering crickets, shrimps, beetles to tarantulas, were installed in the country. It was a way to tackle food shortage! The cheapest item in here is powdered crickets priced at 700 yen. The most popular item that is sold is a pack of salted crickets priced at 1,300 yen.