Jared Dalton (33), founder of the Jared Dalton Agency, a full-service social media marketing solution.

Social Media Marketing:

If you’ve even dipped your toes into digital marketing, you’ve heard of this channel that’s only growing every year. Maybe you’ve heard promising stats about how “73% of marketers find social media marketing (SMM) to be effective for their business.”

But let’s face it -- running effective SMM is hard work. And if your strategy isn’t current and consistent, those results you’re looking for are going to be replaced by discouragement and lost time.

From creating graphics for Instagram and going live on Facebook to creating conversations on Twitter and videos for TikTok -- it’s all to drive engagement with your audience. To build brand awareness, authority, and reputation. Your online presence should be creating meaningful relationships. If not, it may be time to ask for help.

“In the beginning, I was definitely scared. This was the most I’ve ever put into marketing...but I knew it was the time in my life to bet on ME. So, I got with Jared, we made a marketing plan, and he got to work right away. Letting people know who I am, what I do, and how to reach me, and before I knew it, I was booked! I don’t have to stop to talk to customers until they’ve already put down a deposit. That’s the plan we put together for my business. He’s actually screening for me so I know that I’m only dealing with people who are serious and really want my services.”

-- Hairapy by P. Creavalle

Helping You Reach Your People Through Content

Meet Jared Dalton, founder of the Jared Dalton Agency. His mission is to help the people who are creating amazing products and services that fall short of marketing them to the public.

His determination to help business owners succeed led to him living in over 10 countries from Australia to Ireland. These experiences gave him a first-hand perspective of interacting with different cultures and the language needed to connect with diverse audiences.

In 2021, SMM is a $153 billion industry and projections for its growth are only pointing upward. Rather than more likes and follows, he specializes in giving your audience quality information about your products, services, and how they can help them. He creates content designed to transition your casual following into brand ambassadors excited about your mission.

Putting Your Social Media On Autopilot 

Before launching the Jared Dalton Agency in 2016, Jared spent years helping clients around the world. His experience showed that many hidden gems go undiscovered that could truly change people’s lives. So, he put in the time to master his craft, dedicated to the goal of providing a solution to the clear need he was seeing first-hand.

Whether they were struggling with creating multimedia or finding the time and right words to manually update business pages, it was far from what they were passionate about -- running their business.

The Jared Dalton Agency collaborates with brands that may not know how to fully leverage SMM. He provides SMBs affordable and transparent packages that put their SMM on autopilot.

His clients love how the services “more than pay for themselves” through the new business they generate. Month after month, his consistency even in the face of business spikes helps owners rest easy knowing that their marketing is in professional hands.

Looking Towards the Future

Jared is proud to have served over 45 clients and counting, taking stress off their plate and helping them focus on reaching their business goals. Next for his agency, he plans to invest in his team. He recognizes that any great agency is defined by its people. So by providing competitive hours and benefits, he wants them to know that he values them just as much as their clients.

Beyond that, he will expand his mission overseas to non-English speaking countries. He knows there’s a lot of brilliant people out there who just need a little bit of support. And he’s excited to meet them.

As he likes to say, “Running your business is your passion, promoting it is ours.” We’re always available to handle our client’s needs. Whether that’s running individual social media pages or replacing your entire marketing department.