Instagram is full of weird and crazy beauty trends. Be it amazing nail trends like vagina nails to whacky makeup trend like the squiggly eyebrows, Instagram has it all. We have seen a lot of weird hairstyles and hair colours trend too, however, not all are weird and strange, some are absolutely mesmerising like the recent hairdo that has gone viral. We just came across the viral DNA braids and it is fodder for nerdy fashionistas! These are braids weaved into formations that looked like the DNA models and they will win your hearts.

These braids were noticed and brought into the limelight by the famous Rhode Island-based hairstylist Alexandra Wilson. These DNA braids have become a rage and are all over social media. While it may seem almost impossible to replicate the braid, you will definitely want to get those braids done, nonetheless. They look both trendy and intricate at the same time. Take a look at this picture of DNA braids by the hairstylist herself that has gone viral and the post also contains the way you can achieve the intricate DNA braids. Yayyy, take a look right away!

DNA BRAID TUTORIAL!!! Starting off with 3 strands, the middle one being smaller then the others as that will be a stationary strand. When taking a strand from left side you are going over that section, under the middle and adding to right side then taking a small section from right side is then brought under and then over the middle section and added to left section. Make sure your being consistent with that pattern, the braid naturally starts to twist towards left as you go down so you have to keep it tight while braiding or else it will become more difficult. Small sections are always better, they make the braid look more intricate. It’s always hard to fit a tutorial in 1 minute so I may post slower/longer one on IGTV! Happy Braiding 😀💗 . . . #behindthechair @behindthechair_com #modernsalon @modernsalon #americansalon @american_salon #hairvideo #beyondtheponytail #beautylaunchpad #hotonbeauty @hotonbeauty @evahairofficial @hair.videos @hairvideoshow #tutorial #braids #dnabraid #hairgoals #hairofinstagram #stylistssupportingstylists #samvilla #hairinspo #hairinspo @mastersofbraids @hairvideosbystylists

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Here are other pictures of the DNA braid:

My first DNAbraid 💕😁💕#braids#dnabraids#hair#gdynia #loveit

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How did you like this latest hair trend that has gone viral? I am sure you want to get this braid done right away. The tutorial above will help you achieve the beautiful braid. Let us know in the comment section below if you will try it!

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