'Joker Stairs' Become a Popular Tourist Spot in NYC, But Locals Are Not Impressed (Watch Pics and Videos)
Joker Stairs crowded with tourists (Photo Credits: Twitter, Instagram)

If there is one recent movie that has cast a lasting impression on the audiences is Todd Phillip's Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. And one scene that people can't stop talking about is the iconic moment which sees Arthur Fleck dancing on the stairs, celebrating his transition into a Joker. The scene has etched on so many minds, that the earlier neglected corner in NYC's Bronx is now brimming with tourists. Weekend or weekdays, the stairs connecting the Shakespearean and Anderson Avenues at West 167th Street have become a photo spot. But locals are not happy. There is displeasure expressed about the stairs becoming a tourist hotspot suddenly. Cosplayer Dressed As Joker Sparks Debate Online! Netizens Brutally Troll and Accuse Her of ‘Appropriating Joker Culture’ (View Viral Pics).

A video of the crowd standing on the stairs, waiting to get their pictures clicked was shared on Twitter and it quickly went viral. The locals are not too pleased with so many people crowding the area for photo opportunities. They have been using the stairs for their daily commute and now there are constantly people posing on them waiting to get clicked. Some try and imitate the dance, others are seen dressed and in the makeup of the character. Joker Movie Stills & HD Images for Free Download Online: Arthur Fleck Quotes, Wallpapers & Iconic Scenes of Joaquin Phoenix’s Film Go Viral.

Check Video of People Flocking on The Joker Stairs:

Ignored Then, Popular Now

Pay a Tax!

Tourist Trap

Renamed to Joker Stairs

Tourists, Stay Away!

What's Happening?

How Dare You?

Check Some Pictures on Instagram From The Same Spot:


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Posing on The Stairs


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Selfie Spot


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There are more than 1,000 posts on the photo-sharing application from the location tag of Joker stairs. The popularity continues to grow with some influencers also having their shoots here. In fact, a flyer has also been put up here by an entertainment site which reads, "It is disrespectful to treat our community and residents as a photo opportunity." A resident of the area mentioned in a report that they feel disrespected in their own locality and hope this wave ends soon.

Here's The Iconic Scene From The Film Joker:

The tourist influx is not really benefitting the locals with tourism as such, as people just pose and cause an inconvenience to those who actually want to get to school or work. Each trend has its downside and that's what the locals of Bronx can experience right now. Since the movie has released recently, we think it will take some time for the wave to reduce.