Looking For Cheap Travel? You Can Buy Other's Cancelled Trips With The Help of This Website, Check How!
Don't fret over cancelled trips, bargain the deal (Photo credits: Pixabay/stux)

As much as some enjoy impromptu travel plans, there is a certain satisfaction in having a good trip planned out. But again there are times, that even a well-planned trip cannot be executed. In case of an illness or last-minute emergency, it is not possible for you to take that trip. But if you are stressing over the money that will go waste, then there is a website called Travel transfer to your rescue. The website allows you to buy other people's cancelled trips. So anything from package holidays, festivals tickets, villa reservations, travel vouchers, and flights can be sold to someone else who can buy a readymade package. For people looking for cheap travel packages, this is a good option as well.

The website is basically an eBay for travel packages and started about to years ago. Now it made a record round of funding. It enables a person to get a good bargain on the holiday package which he can no more go to, and at the same time, get some of the cost back. Planning an International Trip? Here are Tips to Plan Budget Friendly Hassle-Free Tour.

How Does Travel Transfer work?

So sellers have to make a profile, with pictures. The user has to state the reason why they are unable to take the trip. The website then checks if those bookings are genuine. Once the package or ticket is bought, the buyer alerts the seller about the change in name for the transfer. The website also encourages sellers to decide how much they can earn from the sale. To a legible sale on the website, there has to be a full payment. Buyers can also select from buying select deals. So once you browse through the site, you might just end up buying a very cheap flight ticket or even hotel reservations.

The founder of the website Simon Powell thought of this idea when he couldn't take a trip for some reason but could not even find a replacement for a name change on bookings. He realised a lack of such a platform to sell off his non-refundable tickets, bookings and reservations. So the next time you are crying over your money going waste over a cancelled trip, just head to Travel Transfer.