Travelling abroad or rather anywhere has taken a hit right now, as the deadly disease of Coronavirus is spreading globally. The deadly disease which began in Wuhan has now spread to more than 30 countries and over a lakh of infected people. So travelling anywhere has become a risk right now. Be it for work or pleasure, people are postponing or cancelling their travel plans altogether. The COVID-19 pandemic has spread fear and also brings us to this week's travel tip on how one should remain healthy while travelling. A road trip or a luxe journey, if you are not feeling fine, then your travel experience is bound to be affected. There are some simple ways you should follow, while you are on the move, to keep your body fit and fine.

Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy While Travelling

  1. Stay Hydrated: Whether you are travelling or not, staying hydrated is very necessary. Drink lots of water. Carry at least two bottles with you and finish them. Instead of drinking soft drinks and sodas, drink water. Especially with the summers coming in, it is crucial to keep yourself hydrated and sweating. Travel Tip of the Week: Ways to Travel Safe During Heatwave Conditions in European Cities.
  2. Get Proper Sleep: Your sleep schedule can adversely affect your mood while travelling. If you are not sleeping well, you're bound to feel more tired the next day and might not be as excited to explore around. So even if you are moving and travelling throughout the day, make sure you get a good amount of sleep at night.
  3. Walk as much as you can: If you have been working out regularly, then you are bound to skip your exercise while you travel. So try and explore on foot as much as you can. You could go on small hikes if around or at least take 30-40 mins of pace walking every day. That way your body is up for the travel that awaits.
  4. Carry Your Own Medication: In a foreign place, you may not get the regular medicines which treat your flu and cold. So always carry your own medications. Your medicinal kit should have medicines for stomach ache, fever, flu and cold, headache, antibiotic ointments.
  5. Plan Your Meals: By planning your meals, we mean research about the food of the place. This is more for those who have allergic reactions to certain foods. In foreign countries, there are less vegetarian options, so look for places well in advance which serve the food choice that you want. There is no point in staying hungry because you didn't get the food that you wanted. Travel Tip of The Week: 5 Foods To Avoid While Going on a Trip.
  6. Find Fresh Fruits: Ask in your hotel where is the nearest market. Go look out for some fresh fruits which you can carry with you through the day. Instead of munching on junk snacks, eat fresh fruits, which are nutritious and will keep your body sugar high. If you are on the beaches, drink coconut water.
  7. Try a digital detox: Being fit also means keeping your mind relaxed and free. As much as using your phone is important while you travel and explore, try if you can go off the social media at least. Take a digital detox and give your mind some relaxation.

These are some of the basic ways in which you can ensure you stay healthy while travelling. Before you venture into a foreign country, it is best to first visit your family doctor and take a set of medications which you can carry with you. Lastly, don't keep a very tight schedule where you are constantly shifting from one hotel to another, tiring yourself and exploring less. There is no fun in returning back sick from a wonderful vacation. Have safe travels!

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