If there is one thing that is buzzing the internet right now, it is the behaviour of Indian tourists at Bali hotel. An Indian tourist family tried to steal almost everything from their hotel room. As soon as the video of their interrogation by the hotel authorities was shared online, people were enraged, some even terming them national disgrace. While the family was definitely wrong on their part, many times people take their hotel rooms for granted. Just because one has paid the fare for the room, does not give one the authority to abuse all privileges. In this week's travel tip, we share some hotel etiquettes that one should always remember on their journeys and hotel or resort stays.

  • Always enter the hotel with a positive attitude and greet the staff at the counter. You may have had a difficult journey for whatever reasons, but once you reach your hotel, go with a smile. Make a good and friendly impression with the staff.
  • Whenever you leave the room, do not leave it all messy. Yes, the room service will clean it up once you go, but that does not mean you leave all your clothes and stuff lying around everywhere.
  • Always turn off the fans and lights before you leave the room. This is just a sign of being a responsible traveller. Although most hotels have key cards that are connected to the electricity connection, it is still a good habit to turn off all lights and fans before leaving. Travel Tip Of The Week: 5 Ways in Which You Can be A Responsible Traveller.
  • Keep your noise in control. One should not forget that there are other guests who would be staying in the hotel too. So even though you want to enjoy, especially in the public spaces like the reception or poolside, you should keep the noise level down. Your unruly behaviour can be a cause of discomfort to the hotel staff too.
  • If you are travelling with kids, keep an eye on them at all times. Kids out of curiosity can go out on their own to explore the new surroundings. Most hotel reception areas have glass tables, showpieces, plants for decoration and it can cause hurt to kids and also a trouble to hotel staff. Travel Tip of the Week: Travelling With Kids? Some Ways to Make The Best of Your Family Vacation.
  • Don't go overboard on freebies that are offered in each hotel room. While asking for an extra towel or toiletries is okay you cannot demand them again and again.
  • Always give a tip to the room servicing staff. Although a service charge is included in the final bill, it is about maintaining a relationship with the staff. Give them a smile, appreciate them and tell them if they've been wrong somewhere. They are providing you a service and you should give them feedback for it.

These are some of the ways you can be a responsible traveller and make a good impression as a guest at the hotel you are staying at. A pleasant hotel stay will only add to your travel journeys and you can always go back to the same place the next time.

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