Winter is coming, or like in most parts of the country, it has already arrived! Is your skin ready for it? The weather has its own charm. But we all know the havoc it could wreak on the skin. The cold air robs the natural moisture for skin, leaving it dry and itchy at times. This is why, we need to take care of it. Every winter, our cupboards are filled with lotions, potions and moisturisers to stay safe from the bitterly cold winter wind. The mix of hydrating, natural products, home remedies, cold creams and so on, here are top essential tips to brace your skin for the weather and make it healthy, happy, and glowing throughout the season.

1. Stay Hydrated

Nothing keeps your skin better than water. Be it any season, drinking lots of water and keeping yourself hydrated is the top tip everyone should follow. When it is cold outside, we often forget to drink enough water throughout the day. Indulging in warming winter teas such as natural ginger and lemon is a wonderful way to stay hydrated in winter. The more you are hydrated on the inside, the lot better your skin feels healthy and cosy at the same time.

2. Use Lukewarm Water

Because of the chilled wind, it is very tempting to opt for hot waters. But if you love your skin, try to avoid them. Hot showers can dry your skin quickly, and if you do not moisturise it immediately, your skin can develop cracks. Lukewarm water is best to use to shower and wash your face. Once you are done, apply a moisturiser on your skin, to keep it hydrated and prevent dryness.

3. Skincare Products

Always choose your skincare products wisely. What kept your skin happy during the summers can make it upset during the winter season. Choose cleansers that contain moisturisers to avoid stripping your skin of its natural moisture barrier.

4. Protect Your Skin

Just like summers, you need to protect your skin in the winters too. The cold wind or snow or rain can affect your skin. While the warm sun rays feel pleasant, the UV rays can still damage your skin. So, when you step out of the house, apply a sunscreen lotion, wear caps and gloves to protect your skin from getting damaged, while you enjoy the wonderful season.

5. Take Care of Your Feet

Keep your feet moisturised as much as possible. Also, make sure you exfoliate the skin on your feet occasionally so that it can absorb the moisturiser easily.

6. Daily Skincare Routine

Follow a basic, simple and daily skincare routine to keep your skin happy during the winter. Cleanse your skin once or twice a day, apply a light daily moisturiser to lock the moisture in. Apply body lotion, every day, even if you don’t step out of the house. And at night, use a heavy moisturiser or overnight cream and repeat the body lotion, for a goodnight wintery sleep.

These are simple, yet the most effective tips one must follow to keep their skin happy during the winter season. In addition to the above tips, take care of your diet too for your body to get the required nutrients to keep the skin healthy. Happy winter!

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