Woman Has Sex With 18 Men in One Night As Husband Watched, Sydney Resident Confesses It ‘Helped’ Their Marriage
Wife has sex with other men, husband watches (Photo Credits: Noun Project/Gan Khoon Lay)

In what might seem a legit reason for a man and woman to get divorced, has, in turn, worked wonderfully for a couple. A wife slept with 18 men in one night while her husband watched their sexual activity! Carol Louise, a resident of Western Sydney is happily married and has two children. She is a part of swingers' club and her husband David has no problems with it because he felt she missed out on a lot as she grew in a strict close-knit family. Florida: Foster Mother Has Sex With 17-Year-Old Adopted Son, He Says Nothing Wrong Between Them As it Wasn't Rape!

Louise's experience of visiting a swingers club and narrating the experiences she had there, benefitted her sex-life with her husband. "He was really supportive and loved that I was fulfilling a fantasy. When he returns from a trip, I tell him about my adventures and he gets really turned on hearing what I’ve been up to. It always leads to amazing sex for the two of us," she was quoted in a report to an Australian website whimn.

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A few years later Louise's fantasies were getting bigger and she wanted to be a part of a gang bang. In her first encounter, she had sex with 10 men and eventually the number grew to 18. Her husband was so positive about the sexual activity happening in front of him, that he handed out condoms to the men and kept an eye on things going forward. "My husband loves to watch my facial expressions, he is like a kid in the candy store! He jokes that he is happy to lend out his toys but only if they are returned in the same condition he lent them." Sex-Addicted UK Woman Spent 7 Hours Making Love To Her Partner And Wasn’t Satisfied.

Being in a position of power in front of those 18 men, she mentioned that she felt empowered, adding that her husband watching her was a greater turn on. To quote her, "I guess there is a sense of control and having my husband watching is also a turn on, we have a very open and honest relationship and it’s really gratifying for both us." Louise gave this detailed interview to a podcast called Sex Files last year. One would wonder how does the husband has no qualms with her but she mentions the only rules they have in this relationship are safe sex and open communication, with no secrets. She does not regret her sexual encounters one bit and given a chance, she would not mind doing it again!