Yuksel Balci of Yuksel Presents an Organizer/Event Planner is a huge name in the entertainment sector, organizing the liveliest of parties in the most lavish and luxurious spots of San Francisco City. His popularity in this domain is rightfully unrivaled and massive, making ‘Yuksel Presents’ the go-to event manager for any high-profile gathering. His journey of marking a known, commendable, and praise-worthy place in the entertainment world clearly has been one of individuality, passion, and an unmatchable level of vigor and zeal.

Born in August 1985, Yuksel Balci moved to Istanbul and completed his primary and secondary education in Tuzla. Continuing his classroom education, in 2003 he got into the Business Department of the faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Konya Selcuk University. Finally, in 2009 he graduated from Cukurova University with Vertical Transition. After completing graduation, Yuksel Balci moved to California for the purpose of language education, side by side working with world-renowned DJs and producers in the best nightclubs in the city. It was during this time that he got engaged in the organizer profession, managing the most vibrant of parties attended by celebrities from all over the world of sports (NBA, American Football) and music (rap, house, techno). Hundreds of participants, from popular actors to famous DJs, gathered at posh, expensive locations of the Sans Francisco city, subsequently making Yuksel Balci and his company a shining success in the industry. Yuksel Presents has organized innumerable parties and gatherings in the ballrooms of the biggest hotels, introducing exciting themes and emphasizing the necessity of dressing in different concepts - from red to white, from James Bond to Masquerade! Bring in fascinating and unique ideas for its attendees to enjoy and remember.

In a short period, Yuksel Presents made it to the top names in the event management industry, owing to it all to Yuksel Balci. Coming from a different background, his story is astonishingly inspiring, the one reflecting immense dedication and enthusiasm. From organizing local parties at San Francisco nightclubs, he became an International Event Planner, working with artists from all over the world. He has also been a part of huge music concerts recognized by well-known musicians. Welcoming singers from Turkey, and other performers and DJs from all around the globe, Paul Van Dyke, G-Eazy, Bob Sinclar, Cazzette, Sander Kleinenberg, Chris Lake, CID, Robert Schultz, Lost Frequencies, Kriatian Nairn (aka Hodor from GOT), Kungs, EDX, Pauly D, Jillionaire are some of the exceptional artists for whom Yuksel Balci has hosted multiple events.

Yuksel Balci has two children with whom he still resides in San Francisco. The Covid- 19 Pandemic hasn’t been great for the entertainment industry, and it is needless to say how the nightlife has been badly affected. The USA too is not an exception. Inevitable, it has been a huge blow to all the companies and people engaged in this field. Nevertheless, Yuksel Balci is a person of extraordinary will and spirit ready to overcome the challenges with his bold and fighting personality.